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My friend Carolyn Kay has a new book out, illustrated by the incomparable Chaz Kemp. She’s exceptionally talented, and the description is beyond intriguing –

“It’s a steampunk/fantasy story about an elven princess who travels to the mortal realm to find that Queen Victoria might not be the ally her people thought she was.” – Carolyn Kay.

The year is 1850 in the world of man. Fifty years ago, a comet crashed into the continent of Zorrovia, bringing destruction and a magical curse. Faerie glamour is no more. All of the fae folk—elves, trolls, goblins, gnomes, faeries and their kith and kin have been revealed to mankind. Now the mortals of Ashelon and the citizens of the Hidden Lands struggle to coexist. Galessel, Princess of the Elven court, is the newly appointed ambassador to Queen Victoria of Ashelon. She’s nervous about her new post, and curious to see for herself how the beings of the Hidden Lands are faring among the mortals. What she discovers leads her down a path that could change her world forever. Ashelon is a land where true steampunk is on display. These aren’t just pretty little Victorian tales. These are gritty stories about multi-cultural punks fighting against the establishment in an attempt to destroy Imperialism. Only one thing stands in their way: Ashelon’s Queen Victoria and the gods that are on her side.

Sean Patrick Fannon
Writer & Game Designer: Shaintar, Star Wars, Savage Rifts, much more
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One of our own suffered a Critical Hit recently, and this bundle is our way of trying to give him a hand up.

Jonathon Thompson, owner of Battlefield Press, lost his girlfirend a few days ago to an unexpected heart attack. Not only is this a devastating blow, but it is also an extremely expensive one. We’re going to help soak up some of that damage.

Almost $400 dollars worth of fantastic gaming products for a mere $30! From Shaintar and Suzerain to the world of the Tarnished Souk, and Tunse’al there are realms and adventures and add ons guaranteed to kick your game up a notch. Just take a look at the companies that have come together in suport of Jonathn in his time of need:

Stygian Fox, Savage Mojo, Rite Publishing, Rogue Genius Games, Miskatonic River Press, DSL Ironworks, Arc Dream Publishing, Applied Vectors, Obatron Productions, and Evil Beagle Games!

The entirety of the royalties from this bundle will help defray the unexpected costs of Tammy’s funeral.

So grab a bundle, step up your game, and help one of our community through a really rough patch. How can you lose?

Full Disclosure – I am not using my usual Affiliate ID with this one; it’s all for charity.

One of the many awesome products in this bundle –

To all whom have been infected with my passionate love for Sentinels of the Multiverse, there is wondrous, terrible news.

A new product for the line is now in pre-order, and they’ve cleverly tied tons of extra goodies for all who pre-order to the number of people who pre-order Wrath of the Cosmos.

Join me as we defend our non-moon-crushed earth from threats cosmic…

By now, most of you know we are moving to Denver, CO. It’s happening this coming Sunday, July 13th.

Some unexpected last-minute expenses have slammed us right in the wallets, so we need to do something to make sure we can keep gas in that big Penske truck I’ll be driving for over 20 hours from Huntsville, AL to Denver, CO.

One way you can help is to pick up this latest bit of Savage Worlds coolness I’ve put together for you. Entitled Crossbow, Crafting, and Ka-ZOT!, it includes the following stuff to add to your Shaintar or other Savage Worlds games:

* Edges for those who think there’s nowhere near enough love for the crossbow. Now you can be one heck of a sniper with one, among other things.

* Stuff for Alchemists, making their lot in life easier and playing one in the field a lot more fun. This includes the new “Poppers” – minor concoctions they can make lots of that have really nifty effects.

* “Making Things in Shaintar,” a set of crafting rules that no only makes crafting potions an easier and less onerous experience for the player, it empowers the GM with a balanced way to quickly manage between-session crafting, tinkering, artifice, and the like.

* Finally, something a lot of Shaintar players have been waiting for a long, long time. That’s where the “Ka-ZOT” comes in; in this document, the official rules for the Arcmancy AB and Professional Edge.

The product’s suggested price is $3, but I’ve set it at Pay What You Want. Anything you care to spare will be greatly appreciated, friends, and thank you again for your amazing support!



It’s a dark and terrible thing these folks are working to help overcome. This is worthy even if there weren’t hundreds of dollars of great gaming product in the bundle.

On sale June 22 through June 29, exclusively through DriveThruRPG, this bundle offers over $240 worth of RPG products, fiction and artwork for just $20! You’ll be paying just under 9% of the total retail value, and every cent of profit made from the sale of this bundle goes directly to The Wayne Foundation – a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. The Wayne Foundation is committed to spreading awareness of CSEC (Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children) and building a rehabilitation facility for victims DMST (Domestic Minor Sexual Trafficking).

They’re working hard to get child sex workers the help they deserve to live normal lives.

Another round of cool and geeky stuff that deserves to be shared.

Kitsune: Of Foxes and Fools

Eastern mythology meets tabletop card game fun as these magical foxes teach lessons to fools through trickery, thus earning their tails. A cute and intriguing game for anime and mythology fans (and their kids). The print-and-play version is free.


Die Cast

A live-play group that focuses on games you may not have ever heard of, the Die Cast crew is spreading the love of tabletop gaming and shining light on stuff otherwise left in the shadows cast by bigger, more popular games.

The Great Game (ICONS)

ICONS took the superhero gaming world by storm a while back, but it’s not been as high up on folks lists in recent times. There’s still a lot of amazing stuff out there for it, including this gem you may have missed. It takes your ICONS gaming into “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Green Lantern Corps” territory.


Applied Vectors Artwork Fund

My friend, Ian Liddle of Applied Vectors fame, is looking for some help in upgrading his models package for his art. By helping him out, not only do you do a great thing for a great guy who constantly gives of his time and his assets to help others, but you’ll also wind up with some great free product based on what he creates from your contributions.


Savage Insider

The folks of Obatron Productions have been working out their new approach to the Savage Worlds oriented magazine, Savage Insider. For those who want to subscribe to their customizable newsletter mailing list, check out this cool form to let them know what you want to receive information about.

If you are interested in contributing to the magazine, or in advertising opportunities within, click this link.


Cold Steel Wardens

Does your idea of fun superhero gaming run to the streets and back alleys of the 90s when the Watchmen, The Dark Knight Returns, Hellblazer, Sin City ruled the Iron Age?

Here you go.


That’s it for this time around, but there’s tons more coming in all the time.

If you are a publisher, creator, or just a geek (or group of geeks) with something cool to share, don’t forget to drop me a line and let me share it out for you.

Mark Arsenault is one of my dearest friends in the games industry. Though this isn’t technically a gaming product, it is well worth your support. Both Mark and I are cancer survivors, but his was a considerably more dangerous and difficult battle. I am particularly glad he’s around to have this book coming out, and a portion of all proceeds go towards colon cancer research.


I get a lot of stuff in that folks would like me to promote, and since I am on the road a lot and in the midst of other things, I am just going to throw a bunch of cool stuff together into this one post to share. Enjoy!

The Cloven Fruit Games Patreon Page

A series of cool gaming products using the interesting new model for creative sharing and patronage.




Gamification of the classroom, leading to some rather amazing education results!


Thunderbirds Cooperative Tabletop Game

“Thunderbirds Are Go!” The classic sci-fi adventure kids show from 60s is being brought to the tabletop by the innovative folks at Modiphius Entertainment. This is, frankly, just too freaking cool! (I still have some of the old Dinky toys!)


OtherSpace Reboot on Join the Saga

I’ll let Wes tell you directly – “On June 28, OtherSpace – an online collaborative sci-fi epic, officially reboots in celebration of its 16th anniversary. It’s a real-time, original-theme space opera saga that’s been evolving over the years through the actions and consequences of participants from all over the world. We’re accepting new character applications now. Get started at! Any questions? Email Wes Platt at”


Finally, here’s something from the GeekStorm GameTable – their look at Savage Worlds!

It’s an all-star cast (John Arcadian, Wolfgang Baur, Emily Care Boss, Jess Hartley, Kenneth Hite, Eloy Lasanta, Robin D. Laws, Jason Morningstar, Ken St. Andre, Monica Valentinelli, Phil Vecchione, so many more…).

It’s a vital subject – ideas, tricks, and techniques for the necessary skill set of any GM to yank it out of their nether regions. Twenty three short essays from twenty three exceptional Game Masters and creators that will invariably aid you in your quest to make your games better because they reflect what happens, rather than what you have planned.

Let’s just look at some of the essay titles:

  • “Yes, and: A Recipe for Collaborative Gaming”
  • “Getting Off the Railroad and Onto the Island”
  • “Gaming Like an Actor”
  • “Just in Time Improvisation: The Procrastinator’s Tale”
  • “Agreement, Endowment, and Knowing When to Shut Up”
  • “An Ear in the Grass: What David Lynch Can Teach You about GMing”
  • “Selling the Experience”
  • “Building Worlds by the Seat of Your Pants”
  • “Why Trollworld Has Two Moons… and Other Tales”

From the understanding of framing scenes and the cause-effect relationships of dramatic dialogue to the anecdotal tales of how the craziest moments of unexpected extemporaneous creation lead to the most memorable campaigns, this book will take every Game Master on an essential journey of discovery.

I’ve been doing this a long time. Many account me as one of the best improvisational GMs they’ve played with, and I am admittedly proud of that.

This book teaches me to be so much better.

Unframed: The Art of Improvisation for Game Masters is the fifth in the Engine Publishing series of system neutral books designed to be extraordinary resources for gamers and, especially, GMs. None of them disappoint, and this is yet another must-have for the shelf.