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Those who know me know I am not a horror fan from any angle, but there is no denying the importance of the genre (and its many iterations), and among horror-themed games, Unknown Armies is considered a masterpiece that bends the genre into some really intriguing shapes. Featuring a huge all-star cast of writers and designers – Cam Banks, Shoshana Kessock, Ryan Macklin, Chad Underkoffler, Monica Valentinelli, Filamena Young, and twisted (and very cool) creator Greg Stolze among them – this is the first book in the revised presentation, the one that gets you into playing. Check below for links to the other two.

An occult game about broken people conspiring to fix the world. 

It’s about getting what you want. 

Unknown Armies presents magick as it might exist in a world informed by crime fiction and secret histories, as twisting wrinkles in reality created by greater and greater risk, sacrifice, and obsession. As a player, you are confronted by the consequences of your character’s actions, and challenged by the implicit threat of a world shaped by the will of those who want something more than you do. 

It’s about being relentlessly, hopelessly human. 

Book One: Play is the book for players. It details:

  • Obsession and identity.
  • All of the rules for resolving actions.
  • The central shock gauge mechanic.
  • How to avoid fights, and how to deal with them when you’re dragged into them anyway.
  • The magick of adepts and avatars.
  • Gorgeous full-color art and layout.

Created by Greg Stolze and John Tynes, Unknown Armies presents an entirely original yet disturbingly familiar approach to mystery, horror, and action in roleplaying games.

This digital product includes PDF, ePUB, and MOBI files.

Also look for these Unknown Armies digital editions:

Unknown Armies Book Two: Run and Unknown Armies Book Three: Reveal

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(The day got away from me yesterday, so here’s a second Pick today to make up for it.)

The Hero Kids line is arguably the most popular and successful line of RPG products developed for the youngest players in our culture. Bringing kids into gaming is a laudable goal, and now someone’s taken the step towards providing supers gaming for this beloved game.

Superhero Gaming for Hero Kids.

Capital City needs superheroes. The police are kept busy dealing with all sorts of problems. Criminals, monsters, aliens, and super villains pose constant threats. This is a city that can use all the help it can get. That’s where super kids come in!

Super kids have awesome powers. They can call down lightning on their adversaries, fly over the battlefield, summon minions to do their bidding, shapeshift into powerful creatures, pick up and toss enemies, and more. Some are as tall as giants, others have wings, horns, and tails, and still others equip themselves with gadgets like water cannons and snowball bazookas.

This expansion allows you to introduce your young players to superhero roleplaying games using the Hero Kids’ rule system. It provides details on the setting, inventory and skills, and 14 ready-made Super Kids characters. Super Kids can be set in any time or place. Other Hero Kids’ material can be adapted by Game Masters to suit your Super Kids gaming.

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While the Apocalypse World Engine continues to escape me personally, I recognize that there are a lot of people who adore the system, and anything from Mark Diaz Truman is pretty much guaranteed to be magic right from the get-go for AWE fans. This is the first supplement for Urban Shadows, which I know is a happy-making moment for many of you.


The hum of the city is an ever-present friend, a reminder that no place is safe from the politics of the concrete jungle. Will you rise to meet the wolves at the door? Or try to find some place safe to ride out the coming storm?

The choice is yours. 

Dark Streets is the first supplement for Urban Shadows, an urban fantasy tabletop roleplaying game in which mortals and monsters vie for control of a modern-day city. This supplement details new rules and settings for Urban Shadows, including:

  • Four new character Archetypes, each pushing the boundaries of Urban Shadows’ themes and mechanics: The Hallowed, The Revenant, The Scholar, and The Vessel.
  • Essays from the game’s creators — Andrew Medeiros and Mark Diaz Truman — on running campaigns in historical eras and creating your own custom playbooks.
  • Six city guides set in diverse urban centers like Los Angeles, Bangalore, and London, each designed to flesh out your game with exciting and involving fiction.
  • A detailed look at New York City, a unique setting guide that features Threats, custom moves, and NPCs across the sprawling metropolis of the five boroughs!

Urban Shadows makes use of the same rules-light engine as Apocalypse World, Monsterhearts, and Dungeon World—while drawing on fiction as diverse as The Wire, The Dresden Files, and The Shield—to create a game of urban politics and supernatural drama. Dark Streets expands on the game’s original vision to offer new choices, new settings, and new mechanics that will engage experienced and new players alike. 

The streets are waiting for you. What will you make of their promises and lies?

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We round out the Week of Adventure with this special Shaintar release, something that goes way back to when my dear friend Aaron “Ace” Acevedo (Pinnacle’s Art Director, among many things) used to play the (in)famous Lord Damon Severance in my campaign. This was when we played the setting in Fuzion and it was part of the dearly-departed Shards of the Stone project. The legacy of the ex-Prelacy bishop turned Church of Light spymaster continues to this day, as this adventure reveals.

Lord Damon Severance has a problem…and needs your help!

In Lord Severance’s Service will take a party of heroes on a two part adventure. First, its time to find out who is asking questions about the Cauldron’s. It’s only been a hundred years since they were all opened and NO ONE wants that to happen again – except maybe those crazy Kal-A-Nar people. Who is asking questions? What do they want? Where are they from? Solve those questions and you may have time to save Galea from something horrible.

Our second half takes the heroes to the Wildlands, where shipments of chrysarium have been disappearing. Since most people who use it are able to buy the mineral when its available this could be the work of some twisted mage or druid. Who is stealing the chrysarium? Why do they need so much when only fairly small amounts are required to power the Builder devices we’ve seen? Why would they steal unrefined chrysarium – it would be better to wait until it was usable, right? Why is this so important Lord Severance himself is involved? 

While most of the questions above are answered in this fun adventure, it ends with a question for you. Answering it could give you clues and influence over the next part of the Living Campaign…

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Looks like I accidentally ended up with a theme week after all – adventures! Today’s is a Savage Worlds series of adventures for the Drakonheim: City of Bones setting from Sneak Attack Press. You’ll probably want the Drakonheim Savage Companion if you really want to delve full-force into this interesting fantasy city setting.

Heroes of Drakonheim, a three-part adventure for Savage Worlds set in the fantasy city of Drakonheim, which can be played as a stand-alone setting or incorporated into any larger fantasy world.

In Chapter 1: Rats in the Sewers, the heroes are asked to solve a series of mysterious disappearances. They follow the trail into the sewers, find the goblins responsible, and learn that they are selling dead bodies to a shadowy group of humans.

In Chapter 2: Skeletal Society, the heroes discover that the group purchasing the corpses is a cabal of necromancers calling itself the Gray Society. In the process, they may stumble upon a nest of wights, some of the society’s storehouses, and perhaps even one of their initiation ceremonies. These encounters lead to a final confrontation with the leader of the Gray Society, who implores the heroes to end their grudge against them. The Gray Society is animating a host of undead to combat an even greater threat: a mighty force of hobgoblins and their allies marching towards Drakonheim. Without additional defenses, the city will surely fall.

In Chapter 3: Defense of Drakonheim, the heroes must protect the city from the hobgoblin army. They have several days to prepare defenses and seek out allies before the enemies reach Drakonheim. Once the foes arrive, the heroes defend the walls and lead the charge against the hobgoblin war chief.

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In honor of my Belovedest Carinn‘s birthday, I am Picking an item that features the work of one of her favorite people, Monica Valentinelli (as well as Shawn Merwin and Rich Lescouflair). Part of the D&D Adventurers League, this is a set of six mini-adventures (each intended for about an hour’s gaming) for 5e fans. All inspired by the Volo’s Guide to Monsters project.

The town of Phandalin, nestled in the foothills to the east of the Sword Mountains, continues to grow since being rebuilt after the devastation wrought by rampaging orc hordes. It recently survived violent gang activity, drow machinations, and even the attention of a green dragon.

But can it withstand a new threat, bizarre but no less perilous: the fame brought by a visit from none other than loremaster Volothamp Geddarm?

Six 1-Hour Mini-Adventures for 1st-4th Level Characters.

Also included in the purchase of this adventure is a version specially converted for use with the Fantasy Grounds virtual tabletop software. The converted adventure features all the text and maps from the original adventure along with cross-linking of monsters, spells, magic items, equipment, and story elements, plus the powerful rules automation for which Fantasy Grounds is known.

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Forgive me while I pick my jaw up off the floor. I just noticed this – then again, it kind of just happened! Paizo posted two issues of Dungeon (84 and 85) and two issues of Dragon (274 and 275), making them available to DriveThruRPG fans. I suspect some waters are being tested, so to speak, and this a very, very exciting prospect all around. These are releases that herald the advent of the 3rd Edition era, so some serious wayback machine coolness here.

Dragon Magazine 274, Volume XXV, Number 2, August 2000

Included in this issue:

  • One Roll To Rule Them All – Jonathan Tweet
  • Playtesters Confidential – Kim Mohan
  • Class Acts – Monte Cook
    • The Mystic
  • D&D Movie: Justin Whalin – Cory Herndon
  • Legends of Sherwood – Ian Malcomson
    • Steal from the Rich
    • Wolfsheads
    • The Great Greenwood
    • Rogues & Royals
  • Indispensible – Robin D. Laws
  • Plotbending – JD Wiker
  • The Hero with 1d1000 Faces – William J. White
  • Power & Glory – Ben Bova
  • And more!

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Another cool adventure from Jan Sielicki (The Bridges we Burn), this one set up for any Cypher setting. Those that have played through Jan’s stuff have really enjoyed it, so anyone who’s a fan of the system should really give this a look. It’s a strong entry in what’s called the Cypher System Creator program at DriveThruRPG.

Descent into a mysterious crack in the ground and survive in an alien world beneath! This Cypher System Adventure comes from the author of “The Bridges we Burn – a Numenera Adventure” and is designed for Tier 2 characters. It takes about 3-5 hours to complete and can be easily adapted for any of the official Cypher System settings.

Discover an ancient, mysterious and gigantic machine, battle vicious foes and save-or doom an entire species. As always, the choices – and the consequences – are yours to live with.

Those who dared the Rift (and managed to tell about it) share:

“What happens below, stays below”

“Wow, this adventure was realllly weird. So I guess it was perfect for the game!”

“We… killed them all, didn’t we? And for what?” *another PC toys with a powerful artefact*

Requires the Cypher System Rulebook from Monte Cook Games.

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`Tis a good day to be savin’ a bit o’ green, and you’ll save plenty of it with this rather insane deal. Every single thing JBE created for the Pathfinder system from 2009-2016 is available in this single $20 compilation. That’s over $200 of stuff at well over 90% off. Grab it before you can’t – like a leprechaun’s pot o’ gold, ye know?

With less than 24 hours to go before the end of the GM’s Day sale, now is a great time to pick up JBE’s Big Book of Everything. For $20, you can grab everything Jon Brazer Enterprises produced for Pathfinder from 2009 though 2016 for more than 90% off the regular price. All told, this includes over:

  • 150 new and varied monster
  • 150 new spells 
  • 130 new magic items
  • far more than 200 new class options like archetypes, bloodlines, mysteries, orders, spirits, talents, discoveries, tricks, and animal companions
  • countless feats
  • 30 new vehicles
  • 35 new traps
  • 20 new and expanded playable races
  • and much much more

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Writer & Game Designer: Shaintar, Star Wars, Savage Rifts, much more
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So I just got the following very cool message in my inbox from Spectrum Games:

“Buy the Cartoon Action Hour: Season 3 rulebook PDF and get all twelve of the currently released supplements for free! That’s right… we’re celebrating the 215th anniversary of Cartoon Action Hour by offering you the entire PDF collection for less than $15 as a bundle. You’ll get material from some of the biggest names in the industry, including Steve Long, Shane Hensley, John Wick, Eddy Webb, Matt Forbeck, Jason L Blair and Rob Wieland.”

Grab the Crunchy Frosted Sugar Cocoa Bombs! It’s time to dive all in for the Cartoon Action Hour!

PS – In Hexslinger, there’s a certain Fort Fannon, put in there by my friend Shane

Remember those bygone Saturday mornings and weekday afternoons spent in front of our television sets back in the ’80s? Remember how we watched the eternal struggle between the forces of good and evil unfold right before our young eyes as our heroes stopped at nothing to out the kibosh on the seemingly endless machinations of the villains? Remember how these wondrously cheesy shows drw us in and spoke to us on a personal level, all the while trying to sell us action figures?

We remember it too! 

Cartoon Action Hour: Season 3 is the third edition of the game that was nominated for  “Best RPG” at the 2004 Origins Awards. The game faithfully and meticulously emulates the action-adventure cartoons of the 1980s, using “cartoon logic” as the basis for every aspect of the system. This is not just a universal game that just happens to be adorned with genre-appropriate art. Every single design decision was made with the purpose of bringing to life the retro-toons of yesteryear, right at your gaming table.

Everything you need to play Cartoon Action Hour is included in this full-color rulebook. Some of the features include:

Sleek and Exciting Game System: You roll a d12 and add one or two ratings to it. That’s the core of the system, making it extremely easy to jump right into the animated fray. Every nuance of the system (transformation, vehicles, playsets, etc.) utilize the same game mechanics as a whole. 

Action Scenes: In Cartoon Action Hour, there is no “combat system”. In its place is the “action scene” system, which covers far more than just a slugfest or a laser-filled shootout. Violence is de-emphasized and players are rewarded for making indirect attacks of a less overt nature (“I shoot the tree branch, so that it falls on top of the enemy!”). Characters can be given Setback Tokens, representing anything from physical damage to confusion and everything in between.

Series Creation: The GM and the players work together to construct the series via the series creation system, which includes character creation. Speaking of which, creating characters has never been this easy in previous versions of the game, as the bookkeeping is now very minimal indeed.

Sample Series: The book includes eight series seeds and one more detailed sample series.

26-Page Action Scene Example: This ultra-detailed example of an action scene answers any question you care to ask.

Preface by Flint Dille: The legendary cartoon writer offers up an insightful preface that discusses the way cartoons were created in the 1980s.

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Writer & Game Designer: Shaintar, Star Wars, Savage Rifts, much more
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