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There’s meta (that’s really what Dark Dungeons was all about) – then there’s meta, which is what this rather insane endeavor by Zombie Orpheus is about. I actually got an inside peak into the process on how they did this while they were filming the first piece, and… all I can say is that this entire team is insanely talented.

And insane, period.

A comedy mockumentary about the people who want to ban tabletop gaming and their epic quest: to produce the ultimate anti-RPG movie.

Introducing Attacking the Darkness – a feature-length mockumentary about religious filmmakers who set out to create the ultimate anti-roleplaying movie.

SYNOPSIS: In November of 2013, Jupiter Ridge Ministries agreed to fund a cautionary movie about the spiritual dangers of roleplaying games. Undaunted by their lack of experience or small budget, producers Harmony Hope and Brady Bryant hired a crew, cast their movie, and began production, only to discover that nothing would be as easy as they assumed.

This is a movie unlike any other: a feature film shot behind the scenes of another, totally different film production. We hired some of Seattle’s best comedy improvisers as our leads and a cast and crew willing to play original characters in our film while simultaneously performing their jobs in that other movie.

The result is a comedy about how far people will go in the name of their passions: filmmakers who will do anything to get the shot, churchgoers who will stop at nothing to save souls, and gamers who will fight tooth and nail to defend their hobby. We’ve all met zealots who take their obsessions too far. Now, we invite you find out what happens when they collide, in our newest and boldest comedy, Attacking the Darkness.

BACKGROUND: In 2014 we brought you an adaptation [ VHX | YouTube ] of a famous graphic novel about the evils of tabletop roleplaying games, a comic book so powerful that it helped fuel the Satanic Panic of the 1980s. The film was a big success for us, but it also raised many questions among our audience. Were roleplaying games really satanic? What did we believe? Why tell this story?

Now, we’ve returned to Kickstarter with a film, three years in the making, that explores some of our own perspectives on those questions — all while raising new ones about faith, the leaders in whom we put our trust, and whether roleplaying games are truly the devil’s work.

As filmmakers with almost two decades of experience in independent film, we’ve seen it all: inexperienced producers, blown budgets, and how charismatic leaders can cultivate a cult-like devotion to their personal vision, no matter the cost. Everyone in indie film has horror stories to tell. So do many churchgoers. And more than a few gamers.

When we were given the opportunity to work on a genuine film about the evils of tabletop roleplaying games, we were thrilled. Here was a chance to explore exactly why some people believe that roleplaying games are the work of the devil, to represent their beliefs as accurately and faithfully as possible, and to let the audience decide for themselves.

But then we had a brainstorm. Maybe we and the people seeking to end roleplaying gaming weren’t that different after all. After all, making an independent film is a lot like participating in a short-term cult. And from that seed Attacking the Darkness, a film about the fictional making of a non-existent anti-RPG movie, was born.

From our perspective, the best comedy takes big risks, speaks the truth, and reveals new ways of seeing the world. It even often offends. And if you are offended by foul language, religious irreverence, homosexual relationships, roleplaying gaming, personal faith journeys, book burnings, infidelity, drug use, hip leather bracelets, or creepy cult leaders, this film is guaranteed to deliver.

For the rest of us, at long last, Attacking the Darkness is ready to be unleashed on the world.With religion, roleplaying games, and independent filmmaking set on a collision course, what could possibly go wrong?

There’s a couple of Kickstarters coming to an end very soon, and I’d like to give them both a second push for your consideration.

Michael Satran’s Journey to the Center of the Earth!

Take heroes to underground worlds filled with mystery! A supplement for Champions Complete, Savage Worlds, and Mutants and Masterminds!

Jules Verne. The Lost World of the Warlord. Doc Savage. The Challengers of the Unknown. The Fantastic Four! The Savage Land! As long as there have been stories about explorers and superbeings, there have been stories of strange underground lands and societies at Earth’s Center. This campaign supplement for Champions by veteran game author Michael Satran fits easily into any campaign world – and in glorious full color! It addresses a variety of differing power levels, with many options for adjustment and expansion.


FAITH: A Garden in Hell – RPG Starter Set

Will you survive in a hostile alien planet? Do you have what it takes to defeat a Ravager Queen? Join us to discover it!

FAITH: A Garden in Hell is a pick-up-and-play roleplaying campaign for 2-5 players and 7-12+ sessions in a very dangerous alien planet. As part of the Coalition forces, you must extract vital war intelligence from the Ravager Queen to start winning the war.

The boxed set includes everything you need to get started right away, from the complete ruleset to pregenerated characters, gear and NPC cards, campaign book and a player deck to resolve your actions.

More love for things involving Owen KC Stephens, this time a Pathfinder-related Kickstarter. No surprise, as Owen’s name in inextricably tied to all things Pathfinder, and he’s a man who loves and knows the system so well, he works on the official Paizo releases and does even more with his own publishing company.

We’re making a big book of world flavor and mechanical options for four or more “Dynastic Races” for the Pathfinder RPG.

Everyman Gaming, in partnership with Rogue Genius Games, is proud to present the Dynastic Races Compendium! The Dynastic Races Compendium is designed to be the go-to resource for campaign flavor and PC mechanics for a small number of “dynastic” races, which consist of kitsune, nagaji, samsarans, and wayangs. In addition to covering traditional avenues like archetypes and feats, we want to focus in on the culture, biology, and psychology of these races in order to create a product like none that has ever existed for these races.

This book compiles and expands upon the content from Everyman Gaming’s Kitsune Compendium and Samsaran Compendium products, and enough new and old material for these races has been developed that the kitsune and samsaran chapters in this book are fully written, and the kitsune chapter is fully illustrated. Because of the expense involved in giving these races the illustrative treatment they deserve, we’ve come to Kickstarter to ask fans old and new alike to help us in our quest to make the best race guide for these races that anyone’s ever seen!

Want to know what Everyman Gaming’s design chops are like? We’ve created a small “pay what you want” PDF product that includes two spreads of flavor for kitsune, nagaji, samsarans, and wayangs, as well as 20 alternate racial traits for each race.

It takes special care, consideration, and concern to make a race, “new” and “exciting.” When most publishers tackle the addition or expansion of a player race, they typically paint in broad strokes and leave the rest for GMs to fill. But when its Thursday night and you have a game to run in an hour, how can anyone expect to create a fully realized race that isn’t just, “foxy human,” or “blue human,” or “snake-faced human?”

The Dynastic Races Compendium solves this problem by using each race’s mythological routes to create a fresh, fully fleshed-out take on the kitsune, nagaji, samsaran, and wayang both as Player Races and as characters in any Pathfinder RPG campaign. Each race’s flavor and lore is painstakingly designed to work with the content for each that you’ve already grown grown accustomed to. The Dynastic Races Compendium doesn’t “remagine” any of the dynastic races, it refines and enhances them by making what’s already great about each of the races even better while adding in new ideas and details that work seamlessly with what you already have.

The Dynastic Races Compendium consists of two sections: The Dynastic Races section and the Character Options section. Each will be marked with a stunning 1-1/2 page illustration. 

Dynastic Races

  • Four eastern-themed races: kitsune, nagaji, samsaran, and wayang.
  • Each race includes an introduction, facts and falsehoods believed about the race, the race’s life cycle and biology, the race’s cultural beliefs and practices, and ethnicities that exist within the race.
  • This consists of roughly 18–20 pages of content for each race, for a total of roughly 80 pages.

Character Options

  • Roughly eight pages of new archetypes, some specifically for members of the dynastic races, others available to all characters.
  • New feats themed around the dynastic races.
  • 20 alternate racial traits for each dynastic race.
  • This consists of roughly 18–20 pages.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of what we’re hoping to accomplish with this product. With our fan’s help, we’re hoping to make the Dynastic Races Compendium one of the comprehensive, if not THE most comprehensive, race book that tabletop gaming has ever seen!

You guys know how I like to try and Pick some offbeat stuff here and there, and today is one of those days. Calye Lacefield (forever Chainmail Girl to so many of us) pointed this one out to me –

“How about these guys? They are really nice and have a cool product.” – Calye

Collect and protect your con memories in our Star Trek inspired limited edition First Officer’s Log

Con*Quest Journals™ are fandom inspired journals to collect and protect all of your fan, gaming and comic con memories.

It’s a perfect con binder! Here’s an example of the quality, design and construction you’ll find when you back us! Take a look inside one of our Hunter’s Journals to see how cool it can be.

They are custom designed and manufactured (in the US!) binders with pages and sleeves for all of your photo-ops, autographs, snapshots, badges, ticket stubs, stories… a place to keep all of that stuff that normally ends up in a bag in the back of your closet.

(Admit it, we know you have a photo op shoved in your desk drawer.)

Two years ago we launched our very first Con*Quest Journal. We successfully funded our first Kickstarter in July of 2014 and started building our brand.

Like every small business, it sometimes takes a punch in the buns to realize you need to change and morph into something even better. In 2015, we added new manufacturing partners and fandom artist Tracey Gurney to our crew and began producing fandom inspired custom hardback and leather journals. We also became the officially licensed journal of Gen Con®, The Best Four Days In Gaming®.

A comic. An RPG module. All-ages appeal. Yup, this is an official Good Idea.

The first collection of Sidekick Quests! The all-ages web comic is also an adventure module for Sidekick Quests: The Role-Playing Game.

Sidekick Quests: The Secret of the Sewer Wizard is James Stowe’s very first Kickstarter and the first time Sidekick Quests the webcomic has been collected in a print Graphic Novel. With your help this Kickstarter will create a 96 page book that collects the first comic storyline, The Secret of the Sewer Wizard, and also provides game rules allowing you to play out Secret of the Sewer Wizard as a roleplaying game campaign adventure. The print version of the Secret of the Sewer Wizard has revised artwork throughout with updated colors, dialog and text. There will also be 10 bonus pages of never before seen comics that show what happens after the original adventure ended. The book will also serve as Sidekick Quests the Roleplaying Game’s very first adventure module. The adventure consists of three quests and two encounters that can be played together as one complete story or separately as stand alone games sessions. Anyone that backs the PDF or print versions of the book also get a digital bundle of all the Sidekick Quests rules, quests, characters and advancements that have released online already.

A breakdown of the adventure contents are as follows:

Clean out the Dungeon Quest asks PCs to help a down on his luck Master of Dungeons named Carl perform some Spring cleaning of a castle basement that is full of monsters and maybe even haunted. Includes: rules on running the quest, 1 quest handout, 1 Ghost NPC sheet, 1 Dust Bunnies NPC sheet, 1 Vacuum Monsters NPC sheet, and an illustrated Map of the Dungeon

The Homunculus Encounter introduces the mysterious Homunculus, servant of the Sewer Wizard. What will happen when PCs meet this foul little creature? Includes: rules on running the encounter, 1 Homunculus NPC sheet

The Search the Sewers Quest finds the PCs deep underground, trapped by the terrifying, but generally understood Sewer Wizard. Can they recover their missing doorknocker without being turned into bunnies? Includes: rules on running the quest, 1 quest handout, 1 Sewer Wizard NPC sheet, 1 Sewer Rat NPC sheet, and a fully illustrated Map of the Sewer 

The Professor Pendarva Encounter brings a full fledged adventurer to the rescue. But is this Professor friend… or foe? Includes: rules on running the quest, 1 Professor Pendarva NPC sheet

The Escape to the Surface Quest follows the action of the new 10 page comic and follows the action that happens after original comic ended. Can the PCs make it back to Fairevale? Only if they make it past pirates, trolls and a giant octopus! Includes: rules on running the quest, 1 quest handout, 1 Zombie Pirate NPC sheet, 1 Cave Troll NPC sheet, 1 Giant Octopus NPC sheet, and a fully illustrated Map of the Caverns Below Fairevale.

Now I want to make sure that everyone understands The Secret of the Sewer Wizard is just an Adventure for the already available Print and Play Sidekick Quests the Roleplaying Game but… that is okay even if you don’t known a copy of the game already. Why? Because if you get a copy of The Secret of the Sewer Wizard (digital or physical) you also get everything that has ever been released for Sidekick Quests the RPG in the Digital Bundle.

What is Sidekick Quests?

Sidekick Quests is an all ages webcomic that follows children in a fantasy world and the trouble they get into when their adult mentors go off adventuring and live them home alone. Not only is Sidekick Quests a comic, it is also a roleplaying game designed to introduce kids how to play roleplaying games. Sidekick Quests the comic has been available digitally for four straight years. It has seven complete storylines and releases three times a week.


Genre mashups can be messy, unwieldy affairs. They can be messy, gonzo, incredibly fun experiences, as well.

Sometimes, they can be something else entirely – something beautiful and provoking and… different.

The art alone tells me this one is in that last category. Only five days to go, so let’s help them get that initial funding.

A Steam, Diesel & Cyber-Punk Fantasy role-playing game set in a Post-Apocalyptic Dystopia scarred by the war between magic & machinery.

What is Ether Rpg?

Ether Rpg is a roleplaying game built upon the genres of fantasy, steampunk, dieselpunk & cyberpunk as well as being supported by post-apocalyptic & dystopic themes.


Ether Rpg primarily focuses on the genre of steampunk (think Howl’s Moving Castle,Dishonored, Van Helsing, or The Time Machine). Steampunk is defined by its alternate view of technological change (or lack thereof) of 19th century Victorian Europe.  Instead of gasoline, steam & retro-futuristic machines which generate power in esoteric ways drive the industrial revolution of the world.

It also utilizes the genre of dieselpunk (think Suckerpunch, Sky Captain & the World of Tomorrow, The Rocketeer, or Bioshock).  Dieselpunk is the next stage in evolution of steampunk & is characterized by the sharp & sleek military trappings of the World Wars.

And it takes a nod from the genre of cyberpunk (think Ghost in the Shell, Blade Runner,Shadowrun, or Deus Ex). Cyberpunk is often considered the original “punk” genre & focuses on technologically-advanced, although dystopic, futures.

Didn’t you also mention Fantasy?

Absolutely.  In Ether Rpg, players have the capacity to use many of the staples of the fantasy setting (such as magic & alchemy) & the quintessential machines of the various “punk” genres.

Staples?  So, like, elves & such too?

Actually, no.  Ether Rpg might fit into the same genre as other fantasy games, but it strays from many of the classical species found in your typical fantasy RPG.

Instead of the usual fare, players can expect to control shapeshifters, living plants, monstrous descendants, spell eaters & many other unusual beings.

Sweet!  So I can have a magical machine gun right?  Right?

Actually, when magic & machinery mix… things explode.  They’re something like opposite ends of the magnet & work against one another.

Machinery runs on a still-misunderstood energy source, while magic draws its strength from the life-force of its caster.  And not everyone is capable of using one or the other.

The world of Ether Rpg has a particular focus upon the concept of balance & counterbalance. When something comes into being that shouldn’t, something else comes into being to counteract it.

I heard Apocalypse, I know I did!

You really did.  Ether Rpg is set in a period shortly after a war between… you guessed it… magic & machinery.

Residual fractures in reality threaten everyone’s lives.  The planes have spilled into one another. Dimensional creatures run rampant in the wilds.  Cities lie in ruins.

And the rebuilding has just begun…

Where can I read more?

Several of the additional segments right here on the campaign give a brief synopsis!

But, you can also read more about the various genres of Ether Rpg, the setting & all sorts of additional information about the game on Clockwork Angel Studios’ website & YouTube channel.  Just follow the links below.

Ether RPG’s Website

Clockwork Angel Studio’s YouTube Channel

Ancient Sumeria and “In Search Of…”-style ancient alien conspiracy theory as the basis of an RPG? Interest piqued!

ANKUR-kingdom of the gods is a new sci-fi, table top role playing game based on Sumerian mythology, and the ancient alien theory. 

ANKUR-kingdom of the gods is a new sci-fi, table top role playing game. It immerses players in a setting based loosely on ancient Sumerian mythology, and the alien astronaut theory. Inspiration was taken from authors like; Maurice Chatelain, H.P. Lovecraft, Edward Bulwer-Lytton, and Zacharia Sitchin. Ankur is being developed by: Chris Miller Games (CMG™).

Chris Miller is an Independent game designer from Atlanta, GA. Chris has been a table-top role-player, and Larper since the early 1980’s. He was a former guest liaison for Dragon-Con from 1998-2003. In addition to being an avid gamer, Chris is a historian, martial artist, paranormal investigator, and ordained minister with an honorary Doctorate in Metaphysics. He enjoys using his extensive practical knowledge to help create realistic game mechanics. In 2014, Chris quit his career as an Optician, to create “Chris Miller Games” (CMG™), and design his first table-top RPG: ANKUR – kingdom of the gods.

The game focuses on two worlds; Nibiru (the collective name of the planet Nibir and its 4 moons) and Ki (Earth). They are forever linked by ancient cataclysmic events that shaped both worlds. Nibir, a wandering planetoid originally from the “Bow star” Sirius, entered our system and collided with Ki nearly 4 billion years ago. This event created the asteroid belt, and gave Ki it’s current axial tilt and rate of spin. Due to this mingling, Ki was left with two moons and assumed its current orbit around the sun (Nuru-Zal). Nibir was sent hurtling into the void along a 3,600 year elliptical orbit around both suns of this binary “Zalar” system; Nuru-Zal & Etu-Zal. Yes, like most star systems, our sun also has a counterpart called Etu-Zal. It is a brown dwarf about 539 AU from Nuru-Zal and is virtually invisible from Ki (Earth). Both worlds developed life sustaining properties but every 3,600 years they would once again come near one another; causing planetary upsets. 

Approximately 1 million years ago, Nibir’s planetary core started to slow its rate of spin and Nibir’s magnetic field began to wane. It’s thick atmosphere began to disperse, giving the planet the appearance of having fiery wings. The once active volcanism and geothermal activity which sustained life on the planet began to calm. It was discovered that Manna (mono-atomic gold powder), if dispersed into the upper atmosphere, could generate the magnetic field necessary and insulate the planet. 

The beings of Nibiru (known as Nibru-ene) found gold very plentiful on Ki, and established several mining colonies for its extraction and conversion into Manna. The Nibru-ene workers began to notice changes while on Ki. Differences between the torsion fields of the two planets, generated by each planet’s magnetic core, caused Nibru-ene workers who spent long periods of time on Ki to experience shortened life spans. This combined with the back-breaking work of gold extraction, caused the workers of Nibiru to revolt. It was decided to genetically create a species of slaves to do the labor using primitive hominids existing on Ki. Thus the Lu-ki (Earth-men) were born! 

30,000 years ago, Ki’s second and smallest moon, drifted out of orbit causing cataclysmic floods worldwide. The presence of two moons had kept the sea level around the equator over 400 feet higher than today. Once the gravitational force of the second moon was lost, a tsunami of of biblical proportions washed over the entire planet. It was known as the Great flood or the Deluge. Though much was destroyed, the Lords of Nibiru have since rebuilt great cities on Ki and have once again resumed mining operations. As for the original slaves, few survived the flood. However, though Lu-ki life cycles are short, they breed quickly. In the five thousand years since the flood, mankind has become plentiful once more.

The Nibru-ene created beings of great variety in order to accommodate different tasks. There are five player character species and many more non-playable NPC species to discover. ANKUR is a world where Yeti porters and pygmy nomads walk the streets among Neanderthal soldiers and cone-headed scribes. ANKUR is a melting pot of species and ideas. The “gods” of antiquity are real and lead the populace from their fortress-like Ziggurats. Prehistoric animals, remnants of the time before the great flood, still roam the countryside. 

Seen everywhere in the ANKUR game world is the duality of life. Stark contrasts exist between the primitive and the high tech. Warriors clad in animal skins sit astride pre-historic creatures, while carrying ray guns. Scribes may use an abacus to tally market sales and then broadcast the results via wireless radio. Air travel, though expensive, is common and incorporate a strange and wonderful variety of Vimanas to shuttle people and cargo from city to city. A system of “wire-less energy” is transmitted by pyramids located in all major cities. Any electronic device, including airships, will function within their radius. This obviously increases the desirability and power of the city-states that control them. 

Evil Beagle enjoyed working with our friends over at Sasquatch Game Studio on the Primeval Thule for Savage Worlds book, and we’re really looking forward to this wickedly cool board game they’ve got in the works.

Ultimate Scheme is a board game with a not-too-terribly serious theme of evil geniuses, mastermind villains, and world domination!

Ultimate Scheme is a game for 2 to 4 players, in which you are an evil genius or criminal mastermind, taking on the role of a faction such as the Dark Masters of Darkness, Professor Roboto, or the Cult of Tentacly Doom. You direct your minions across the globe to gather resources and complete nefarious schemes such as Build a Freeze Ray or Market Evil Soda. Each scheme earns you progress toward your Ultimate Scheme, your secret victory condition for the game. When you’ve completed your secret Ultimate Scheme, you win the game! 

Back Ultimate Scheme at either the base game level, the Expanded level which includes the Ultimate Scheme expansion: Plan Number B, or even the Deluxe level that includes special custom tokens. Higher reward tiers let you make your own mark on the game, or ship the game in its own aluminum attache case!

We have Customs-Friendly shipping for Ultimate Scheme! Shipping costs are added to your reward level when you select the shipping destination. More shipping details in the Shipping Info section below!

Download the Rulebook from our website!

Here’s the game’s BoardGameGeek Page!

We’re partnering with a top-line game manufacturer to deliver an attractive game made with high-quality components. Your quest for world domination includes:

Game Board: An attractive game board with a linen finish.

Player Pieces; 20 minions (meeples) and control markers, in four colors for up to four players.

Resource Markers: 130+ punch-out resource tokens for your finance, occult, and science resources, as well as your Unobtanium.

Game Cards: 136 poker-sized illustrated game cards, including:

  • 10 Factions
  • 10 Ultimate Schemes
  • 63 Scheme cards
  • 48 Action cards
  • 5 X-factor cards

Rulebook: A full color rulebook to remind you how to take over the world.

Other Stuff: The Ninja token, Anarchy marker, and first player token. Everything else in the box is classified.

A fantastic, very deep, gorgeous sci-fi game coming from our wonderfully creative gaming friends in Europe! This one will be done in English and Spanish.

Will you survive in a hostile alien planet? Do you have what it takes to defeat a Ravager Queen? Join us to discover it!

A Garden in Hell gives you a complete pick-up-and-play campaign containing everything you need to roleplay in the Faith Universe right out of the box.

It includes an overhauled ruleset, new gear and equipment cards, a player deck, and most importantly, a 64 page-long campaign that will take you to uncharted territory, right into the ravager’s den.

Faith: The Sci-Fi RPG is a tabletop roleplaying game that allows you to determine your own fate with a card based mechanic, and puts the art on the table to immerse you in your character and the story.

The setting tells stories about inter-species politics, undercover operations, business deals, space exploration, and fighting uncanny enemies. At its core, it’s about finding your true self and following it to the direst of consequences. When you do, one of the five gods will reward you with soulbending powers so that you may forge the destiny of the Universe.


The voice of reason or pure madness? Team-player or self-absorbed? Owner of the Universe’s largest Megacorp or peacekeeper on a forsaken planet? So long as you live up to it, you shall be rewarded.

Faith: A Garden in Hell is a campaign for 2-5 players and 7-12+ sessions. Everything needed to play the game is included in the box. 

Background. The fragile truce between the Iz’kal and the Corvo had been compromised by a series of murderous attacks on remote colonies. Mutually Assured Destruction was days away as both species laid blame on each other… and then the Battle of Izuan Tai shook the groundwork of the known Universe. It was the first big blow the legendary species of the Ravager would deliver to civilisation, but it wouldn’t be the last. A new menace had awoken from a long sleep. 

A Garden in Hell takes place 23 years after the Battle of Izuan Tai, when the rival Iz’Kal and Corvo species joined forces to stop the common threat, forming the Coalition. This entity has now become a “third state” independent of both the Iz’Kal and the Corvo, with emergency powers over all areas threatened by the Ravager. 

On its last military council, the Coalition high command agreed it was time to leave their defensive stand and strike back in full force to capture a Ravager Queen. At first, the attack was a thundering success, but when the injured Ravager Queen entered the Labyrinth only your battleship’s group was able to chase her unscathed deep into Ravager territory…

LARP games are a whole different kettle of fish for many roleplayers, but they can be some truly amazing experiences for all involved. A high degree of immersion, usually mixed with a larger player base than the typical tabletop session, means a very involved, often emotionally affecting time for every participant.

This one is by two of the most respected LARP designers in the world today – Secretly Mike Young and Nathan D. Paoletta.

A scenario-driven live action roleplaying game of disaster movie drama. You can’t stop the disaster, but you can decide who survives!

A Grandiose Disaster is a live action roleplaying game where you play out your own character-centric disaster/horror movie! Using a set of structured scenarios, anywhere from 6 to 12 players play archetypical characters run through the wringer of the disaster. Who will you try to save? What choices do you make to survive?

Who lives, and who dies?

A Grandiose Disaster is written and designed by Mike Young and published by Nathan D. Paoletta

“Mike Young’s been at the cutting edge of larp for over a quarter century. With A Grandiose Disaster he takes lessons from theater-style, Parlor, boffer, freeform larp, and tabletop games and in the process cuts several Gordian knots of larp design. What we get is a pick-up and play larp that works as a campaign series, cuts straight to the action and distributes the “plot” to give everyone their moment in the sun. And on top of that, it’s different every time you play. Bravo!” – Emily Care Boss, Black & Green Games

There’s more info about the game itself (on the kickstarter page) – but we also have a preview of the rules available in our first backer-only update. Pledge any amount (even $1) and you can check it out and decide what you think!