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Two of the excellent people I met at Albert Deschesne’s memorial were “Fritters” Tays and Martin Tays. Martin is an aspiring author with a new book coming out August 19th, and everything I’ve seen so far is very impressive. A fun, humorous science fiction romp, and I think folks are really going to enjoy helping help Martin kick is writing career into high gear.

To find out more, listen in on his interview on Krypton Radio’s Event Horizon this Saturday and Sunday at 4pm (Pacific). The interview will be available later as a podcast.

Seriously, I’ve had some fantastic conversations with this guy, and I think he’s going to impress you all!

It’s been almost 500 years since humanity first ventured into space, hopeful and eager to explore, to discover, to find alien civilizations and friends.

There was just one problem.

After exploring 22 star systems, we had found no other life. Not no other intelligent life, but no other life at all. Period. Eventually exploration just… stopped, because humans had more than enough room and not near enough hope.

And then one day there was a signal, one no one chose to believe was real. No one except one hopeful, sarcastic and professionally drunken 487 year old ex-spacer. He, his 42 year old girlfriend, and a group of friends too young to have given up on that hope, set out to steal a mothballed spaceship and go find the source.

Humor, intrigue, romance, inter-species warfare, and one hundred and twenty five thousand, three hundred and fourteen pair of shoes ensue.

And the universe, for humans, will change forever.

Sean Patrick Fannon
Writer & Game Designer: Shaintar, Star Wars, Savage Rifts, much more
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A truly good and noble man – Albert Deschesne – died unexpectedly, and we all are left with grief, sadness.  We now have the duty to take care of his final expenses and ensure that we gather for a memorial and ensure his sendoff the best we can make it.

Gathering Heroes to Help
Albert was a gifted, creative, funny, and uplifting guy. Everyone who knew him cared for him, and those who worked with him were constantly amazed at what he brought to the table – and into their lives. Now it’s time to come together and celebrate his life. We aim to honor him, and create a moment in time where we can come together and remember the life of our friend as befits his impact on our lives.

We need your help to do this
It is an unfortunate and tragic reality that dying in the US is very expensive, especially when such a death comes unexpectedly, without preparation, and with family scattered around the nation. There just isn’t a support network to absorb all the expenses. We who consider Albert part of our family are doing what we can to handle this, but there are some serious financial needs that we’d greatly appreciate your support in addressing:

·       End of Life Expenses: Matters of handling the remains and seeing to their proper final disposition require a rather shocking amount of funds to manage properly. With no life insurance or other preparatory funds to draw from, we are working up from zero here.

·       Memorial: Albert’s closest friends feel that he’d want his friends and colleagues to gather and celebrate his life, and we mean to do just that. This means a venue, food, and other things to bring it off right. Any funds leftover from handling his final expenses will go towards that effort.

·       Financial Aid for Those He Left Behind: We all understand “family of choice,” and Albert long ago chose Ron Glass and Kris Lehere as his “family. He shared in paying all the household bills.  They’re the ones who looked after Albert when his he wasn’t feeling well (though no one understood how bad it was until too late), and they’ve taken on a large part of the immediate financial burdens left in the wake of his passing. If there are funds remaining from the other two goals, the intent is to give them some assistance in recovering some of their losses.

·       A Star In the Heavens: Should all other stated needs be met, we hope to fulfill one of Albert’s dreams and name a star for him. As a dedicated fan of Star Wars, Star Trek and science-fiction in general, this would truly honor him in a powerful way.

Should all of the above needs be met effectively, and there are somehow any funds remaining, we will select one or two charities that we think Albert would have wanted to help, to which remaining funds will be donated in his name. We will update this GoFundMe with details should that become a reality.

Who We Celebrate
Albert Deschesne was an artist, a technician, a storyteller, a performer, and one of the most generous humans any of us have ever known.

Albert’s work is highly respected throughout the comics industry, where he made a name for himself as an innovator as well as a craftsman. He also had a tremendous impact on the tabletop RPG industry, especially in the realm of superhero games.

For many of us, Albert’s ability as both a game master and a roleplayer dramatically impacted our lives as we met at the game table weekly, many of us for years.He taught many of us exactly what makes a great superhero story for roleplaying, and what goes into making a great RPG campaign, period. His art can be found in Villains and Vigilantes, along with Champions 3rd and 4th edition in addition to being tapped as a playtester for Hero Games. He really loved playing a super hero most of all though he would play anything.

Albert Deschesne’s favorite super heroes included Iron Man, Green Lantern, Captain America, and above all else, Superman. He aspired to the ideals these characters epitomized, and lived his life as an example of what it means to accept all people and want a better world for everyone. He made the rest of us want to be better, and he never let up on us when we lost our way and forgot who we should be.

Albert will live on in each of us, a light guiding us through future darkness. Please help us honor and celebrate him as he genuinely deserves… and as we desperately need to for the sake of who he reminds us still to be.

Thank you.


Sara Quinn is one of the most breathtaking human beings I know. Not just because she’s gorgeous inside and out (she is, mind you), but because she’s got one of the most amazing minds I’ve encountered, coupled with a spirit that uplifts you the moment you are in her presence. Truly, a gift the universe chose to bestow upon us all.

She has a brain tumor. It’s not malignant – thank the Light of the Universe, or whatever you care to revere – but that doesn’t mean it’s not dangerous. She has to have it taken out.

And, once again, the Demonic Horde that is the Insurance Industry (the real Death Panels “they” tried to scare us with back when) wields its unrighteous power to coldly deny her the treatment she needs.

You can help. I am directly and personally pleading with you to do so, because our world cannot afford to have this light dimmed in any way.

I have a brain tumor.

Now it looks like my insurance won’t be paying for the surgery I need to remove it. I’ll keep fighting, and if they do come through, I’ll use the funds to pay for travel and hotel costs, hospital stay, and other expenses.

I don’t know how much it will actually be, but I’ll be updating you all and I’ll be as transparent as possible. Please ask me questions! Right now, I don’t even know what questions to ask.

All I know is that I need your help.

You can read my blog posts about it here: I’ll be talking more about the problems I’m having with my insurance company there and on my Facebook page:


I just received an email from Slade Byers, my Kaiser case manager:

“Hello Sara,

Attached is the letter from KP outlining the declination of benefits. I have underlined some of the most pertinent information (reason for denial, explanation why, and the direct number to appeal this process) Ironically it does state in the letter that Dr. Ferreira is part of the KP HMO network he is only used in certain situations. My recommendation to you is that if you are convinced this is the surgeon you want to perform this surgery (sounds like you are) to file an appeal of this decision immediately 1-866-458-5479. I am a little surprised you haven’t received this letter yet as it was drafted on 5/12/2017. As a secondary or (back up) plan in case of a second denial I would strongly recommend setting up an appointment with Kaiser Permanente Capitol Hill campus south specialty, neurosurgery. I have already called Kadlec neuroscience Center this morning and asked for the appropriate referrals. I also contacted KP Capital Hill Neurosurgery and informed them of your situation as well. Sorry this has been such a difficult process for you, please let me know that you have received this email.

Slade Byers”

The reason Slade says “ironically” is that the original reason given for the denial was the claim that Dr. Ferreira was out-of-network. It seems that even Kaiser case managers can’t figure out who is in and out of their network.

I’ll be working on the appeal today. – Sara

Sean Patrick Fannon
Writer & Game Designer: Shaintar, Star Wars, Savage Rifts, much more
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Straight up – I am on the Board of Directors for the Roleplaying Game Creators Relief FundIn great part, we’re there to try and help fellow creators of RPGs get through medical and other disasters that others have insurance to manage. The amazing folks at Onyx Path have decided to launch a rather amazing Bundle of Holding, featuring lots of stuff for their Vampire 20th Anniversary line, that directly supports the RCRF, for which we are all very grateful.

And, if you are a V20 fan, you will be too – considering all the amazing stuff you can get for a rather mesmerizing price.

Neonate! The Camarilla returns to bring you the Vampire 20th Anniversary Bundle, featuring the massive 20th Anniversary Edition (2011) that celebrates the 1991 publication of White Wolf Game Studio’s original tabletop roleplaying game of personal horror, Vampire: the Masquerade. Longtime Vampire fans love this gorgeous full-color 535-page compendium and update of the Storyteller system and the Classic World of Darkness setting. Now get V20 and many recent supplements and adventures in this bargain-priced collection.

For just US$14.95 you get all five titles in our Starter Collection (retail value $54) as DRM-free .PDF ebooks, including the complete V20 core rulebook (retail value $30), the V20 Storyteller’s Screen (retail $2) and Companion (retail $10), the adventure Dust to Dust (retail $7), and the newly added V20 Ready-Made Characters (retail $5) with 13 ready-to-play vampires from all the Clans.

And if you pay more than the threshold price of $26.29, you’ll rise in Discipline and also get our entire Storyteller’s Collection with four more titles worth an additional $61:

  • Anarchs Unbound (retail $15): A revisitation of the old Anarch Cookbook that makes these revolutionaries capable and terrifying.
  • Dread Names, Red List (retail $15): The throughly updated Kindred Most Wanted Red List of the Camarilla’s deadliest enemies.
  • Children of the Revolution (retail $15): Biographies of 18 Kindred who were Embraced in difficult times.
  • The Hunters Hunted II (retail $16): Revised and updated for V20, this seminal World of Darkness book looks at the mortals around the world who hunt or study the Kindred.

Sean Patrick Fannon
Writer & Game Designer: Shaintar, Star Wars, Savage Rifts, much more
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Thomas Kozak and Jennifer Kozak

These are two people that I love and adore (as does Carinn Seabolt), and a great many of you who read me regularly have been where they are in some way or another. Today, I put to you that, if you have a little to share, they are good folks with whom you should. Help them “get to the other side” of their current struggles.

Thank you.

As a lot of you know, it’s been a rough few months since I was let go by my former employer. With help from friends and some other sources we have mostly managed to keep our heads above water and keep things turned on…and I finally have a pretty good number of very positive job opportunities which I expect will have me once again gainfully employed very soon. We are also planning a big garage sale in collaboration with my aunt, who has a ton of stuff in her house she wants to get rid of. So that’s all positive.

So I sincerely hope this is the last time I need to ask my friends to help out…but we’re going to need to do it again, I’m afraid. Expenses both expected and unexpected (see Jenn’s adventure in Kentucky from a couple of weeks ago) are building up pretty heavily, and while I really do expect to get past this unemployment thing very soon, we need to get from here to there and I’m going to ask my friends one more time to help out, as much as I hate doing so.

If you can help us get some things paid before things get too ugly, we would be eternally grateful.

Thank you. – Thomas AKA Abiron

Many of you know I am a member of The Royal Manticoran Navy, a club dedicated to celebrating the Honorverse (a rather excellent, long-running military sci-fi series by David Weber and other authors, featuring one of the foundational woman protagonists in the genre, Honor Harrington). I am, in fact, honored to be the Captain of the HMS Reliant, Denver’s own chapter of this global organization. One of the things I am most proud of is our commitment to (a) charity work and improving the world around us and (b) taking care of our own whenever we can.

One of our own, a young midshipman (in club terms) named Elija, is suffering with a rare form of cancer called Ewing Sarcoma. He and his family could certainly use our help.

Elijah is 8 years old, he was diagnosed with and has been battling Ewings Sarcoma Cancer since May 2015. He has gone through so very much to even get to this point and even though we are extremely greatful for it we have found ourselves in an even deeper financial hole. Elijah needs a stem cell Transplant and it must be done out in Children’s Hospital Colorado. I his mom will be there with him 24/7 which will have costs in its own but unfortunately his dad will have to stay behind to work and keep up with our insurance that we so desperately need and our bills. He hopes to at least travel back and forth as much as possible to be there for our son in this crucial time, this will all take money we just do not have. So please we ask for any donations, everything helps and we truly appreciate it. We understand that not everyone can help financially but We also ask for your prayers, one day we believe Elijah will be Cancer Free!

You can learn more about Elijah at at his special Facebook page.

Thank you,

Sean Patrick Fannon

My friend Lee Garvin has been struggling for a long while from a list of health issues no one should have to face, but especially without the financial resources to get them under control. He’s the guy responsible for one of the most entertaining RPGs of all time, Tales From the Floating Vagabond. He’s got a lot of other stuff he’s worked on, and even more that he’s got in the works. The man nearly died, frankly, so it’s pretty amazing that he’s still putting out fun stuff for us all to enjoy.

He could use some help, though, and I really want to bring your attention to two ways you can help him.

One is his Patreon, where you can be directly involved in not only helping him, but in supporting his creations.

If you’re more inclined to just dive directly into charitable efforts on his behalf, he’s got a GoFundMe and he’s offering all kinds of nice returns to folks who help him there.

Hi there! My name is Lee Garvin, and I need you to help me create wild and wacky, dark and terrible, weird and woolly worlds. I created Tales From The Floating VagabondControl: The Game of Absolute CorruptionDravakorBadass Zombie Killers, and The Noble Wild. I am also the curator of The Fawndray Trust.

Unfortunately, the past few years have been pretty hard for me: a number of severe health issues and their connected financial problems have effectively removed me from the employment market, completely depleting my savings.

Writing is the thing I love to do most in this world, so I am grateful that this ability has not been taken from me. I am hopeful that your support will make it possible for me to pay my rent while creating for you.

Sean Patrick Fannon
Writer & Game Designer: Shaintar, Star Wars, Savage Rifts, much more
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Gayle Reick is one of my dearest friends, whom I’ve loved and cherished for many years. She’s also the powerhouse behind all that Savage Mojo does, including the herculean task of getting the Shaintar Kickstarter done-and-done. Truth be told, Gayle’s always wanted to work in the gaming industry, and she’s sacrificed much to do so – and to do an amazing job, once she got there.

Unfortunately, she’s sacrificed too much. Now she needs our help, and I am calling upon all of you – especially those who’ve enjoyed SuzerainShaintar, or anything else Savage Mojo’s done – to step up, show your appreciation, and help a good person in some need.

Savage Mojo’s set up a Tip Jar to give fans a perfect opportunity to show their love to the woman who’s almost single-handedly kept the company and the Shaintar project alive when all forces arrayed against that outcome.

This extremely kind, gracious, and wonderful woman and her family have helped me and mine at a serious time of need. Now it’s time for me to help her in the wake of the loss of her husband. Four children lost their father, so anything you can give is gratefully received.

We suffered a staggering loss on Sunday, January 29th 2017, as Nickolas Temple, loving husband, father and amazing friend passed away.  

Nickolas was diagnosed with degenerative multiple sclerosis in 2010.  After many years of trying, the government would not approve his application for disability putting him and his loving family in a very difficult position.  

Nickolas had a profound impact on everyone he met and got to know.  He was an amazing person with a unparallelled charisma and imagination.   He will be deeply missed  and will continue to be an inspiration to all that knew him.  He created worlds out of nothing but his mind and set them forth for us to experience. 

I put this GoFundMe Page together to assist his wife, Rhona, and his daughters, Samantha, Aspen, Morgen, Amelia, and granddaughter Alice through their hardship and to help them take care of Nickolas’s final arrangements.  

You have our deepest gratitude for any donation provided.

– Tim

I’ve been meaning to get back to my other Pick of the Day efforts, and this is the perfect one to return to Happiness, Peace & Dreams with. I know David Waters, have gamed and broken bread and shaved heads with the man. He and his family are wonderful… and they are suffering.

They are of our tribe, and his wife and child will need all the help we can give them ere he passes to the Great Adventure Beyond.


Our friend David has been part of the gaming community for a long time, and he and his family are in imminent need. For the last four years he has been undergoing treatment for an inoperable form of cancer known as GIST. However the cancer has stopped responding to treatment. David has always taken pride in caring for his family.  In late 2015 he retired after a long career in the military and federal government. Unfortunately, there was a devastating clerical issue with his retirement that has taken until now to be resolved, meaning that David and his wife Kim and their young daughter have been without that income or benefits for over a year. And while the paperwork is finally in process, nothing is resolved until the family makes back payments on over a year of insurance premiums.

Since the cancer has progressed beyond where doctors can treat it, David started hospice care recently. While he and his family spend this time together, his wife is not able to work as she cares for both David and their daughter, leaving the family with limited income. We want to do all we can to ensure their time together is as easy as possible, which in this case means helping them get over the financial hurdle of living and making the lump sum payment for the insurance premiums.

When you have a loved one in home hospice, it is an incredibly draining and surreal experience. Doing normal things like running errands or making a meal feel like running through sand. The only thing that matters is being together and taking care of your loved one. No family should have the added stress of wondering how they are going to pay their bills in a time like this.

Please help David and his family by spreading the word for this fundraiser, by creating a fundraising page, or by kicking in a few bucks to make their lives a bit less hard. Watch for a game day fundraiser event as well–more details as they become available on !