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Struggles abound, and there’s always a need to do more and be better. This is why I am so glad to support the RAINN Bundles on the Dungeon Masters Guild site, which also launches Return to the Guild Week here at the Picks of the Day.

RAINN is the Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network, and with the many revelations of abuse and outpourings of support in their wake, it’s important to empower people to find positive means of that support. These bundles are fantastic opportunities to get a ton of great Dungeons & Dragons products, with all proceeds going straight to this fantastic and well-vetted organization.

There’s the Starter Kit, Explorer’s Pack, Folk Heroes, Benevolent DM Kit, and Epic Hero bundles; hit the link above to examine them all further, and look for more DM Guild Picks this week.

Check out Prowlers & Paragons Ultimate Edition (Kickstarter March 19th), the next generation of superhero gaming!

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Evil Beagle Games is proud to be one of the many publishers who contributed 65 products worth about $400 to this special charity relief bundle to help those recovering from Hurricane Harvey. The bundle price is only $25!

The list of other publishers includes Third Eye GamesMisfit StudiosGreen RoninFainting Goat GamesKalos ComicsRogue Genius GamesMake Believe GamesAd Infinitum AdventuresLakeside GamesHydra Cooperative, and Battlefield Press.

Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund Charity Bundle

Hurricane Harvey, the most powerful hurricane to hit the continental US in a decade, has devastated the Texas Gulf Coast.

In Houston alone, it has dropped over 2 feet of rain (and counting). FEMA estimates that 30,000 people may need shelter.

This bundle will help provide relief to this impacted by the storm. Proceeds will be split between the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund ( and the Coastal Bend Disaster Recovery Group Fund ( (which provides support to the smaller cities and towns also hit by Harvey.)

Sean Patrick Fannon
Writer & Game Designer: Shaintar, Star Wars, Savage Rifts, much more
Please check out my Patreon and get involved directly with my next projects!

Today, in the wake of the terrible disaster that struck Texas and the Gulf Coast and continues to plague the citizens of Houston and many surrounding communities, I want to point out options for folks to contribute to aid and relief efforts.

Some helpful links, both on DriveThruRPG and elsewhere:

Feeding America

The American Red Cross*

Family Business Beer Company & Random Acts Special Relief Fund (the Supernatural folks are involved with this).

Disaster Relief List compiled by KTLA 5 (news station out of Los Angeles).

Disaster Relief List compiled by

(*) – Yes, I know some folks have issues with them. Today is not the day to get into it, OK? There are lots of other options listed here, so go with what you prefer.

– Sean

Straight up – I am on the Board of Directors for the Roleplaying Game Creators Relief FundIn great part, we’re there to try and help fellow creators of RPGs get through medical and other disasters that others have insurance to manage. The amazing folks at Onyx Path have decided to launch a rather amazing Bundle of Holding, featuring lots of stuff for their Vampire 20th Anniversary line, that directly supports the RCRF, for which we are all very grateful.

And, if you are a V20 fan, you will be too – considering all the amazing stuff you can get for a rather mesmerizing price.

Neonate! The Camarilla returns to bring you the Vampire 20th Anniversary Bundle, featuring the massive 20th Anniversary Edition (2011) that celebrates the 1991 publication of White Wolf Game Studio’s original tabletop roleplaying game of personal horror, Vampire: the Masquerade. Longtime Vampire fans love this gorgeous full-color 535-page compendium and update of the Storyteller system and the Classic World of Darkness setting. Now get V20 and many recent supplements and adventures in this bargain-priced collection.

For just US$14.95 you get all five titles in our Starter Collection (retail value $54) as DRM-free .PDF ebooks, including the complete V20 core rulebook (retail value $30), the V20 Storyteller’s Screen (retail $2) and Companion (retail $10), the adventure Dust to Dust (retail $7), and the newly added V20 Ready-Made Characters (retail $5) with 13 ready-to-play vampires from all the Clans.

And if you pay more than the threshold price of $26.29, you’ll rise in Discipline and also get our entire Storyteller’s Collection with four more titles worth an additional $61:

  • Anarchs Unbound (retail $15): A revisitation of the old Anarch Cookbook that makes these revolutionaries capable and terrifying.
  • Dread Names, Red List (retail $15): The throughly updated Kindred Most Wanted Red List of the Camarilla’s deadliest enemies.
  • Children of the Revolution (retail $15): Biographies of 18 Kindred who were Embraced in difficult times.
  • The Hunters Hunted II (retail $16): Revised and updated for V20, this seminal World of Darkness book looks at the mortals around the world who hunt or study the Kindred.

Sean Patrick Fannon
Writer & Game Designer: Shaintar, Star Wars, Savage Rifts, much more
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A little something different today, friends. There’s plenty of gamer geek humor found among many of the webcomic collections in this bundle (Dork CovenantGoblins, PewfellWeregeek), so it’s definitely a good Pick for RPG folks. More importantly, a portion of the proceeds go to the Hero Initiative, a most excellent resource for comic creators in need of help.

The bundle includes:

  • Boston Metaphysical Society – Chapter One
  • Dork Covenant
  • Evil Inc.: Annual Report Vol. 1
  • Girl Genius Volume One (Color Edition)
  • Goblins – The Book One Package
  • God Child #1
  • Makeshift Miracle Book 1: The Girl from Nowhere
  • Pewfell in Welcome to Spirekassle
  • Serenity Rose Vol. 1
  • Sword & Sarcasm: The Complete Series
  • The Birds Comic Collection Vol 1
  • The Devil’s Panties Vol 1
  • Tribute Waters: Vol 1
  • We’re Gonna Need a BIGGER Plunger!
  • Weregeek: Vol 1

Sean Patrick Fannon
Writer & Game Designer: Shaintar, Star Wars, Savage Rifts, much more
Please check out my Patreon and get involved directly with my next projects!

Heya, folks! As most of you know, this past weekend, on October 9th, I ran the biggest Big Epic Game of my life.

If you’d like to look through the vidcast of this, here it is. Note that audio starts a 05:50, but there’s a lot of time catching up on set-up, etc.. The “official” start is at 52:11.

The Heroes of the Battle of Camondel, who I thank from the depths of my heart for their acts of courage in the game, and beyond.

Athrate Alystar (Howard Brandon) – Sergeant Major of the Grey Rangers, orphaned and raised by the Church of Light as a priest and paladin, known for executing extremely dangerous missions and emerging threats with a high degree of discretion.

Bahiya bint Al’Shams (Ben Keeler) – Light-Blessed Priestess of Raz-Dash, Emissary of the Desert Princes, Scourge of Heretics.

Bayanai the Banal Wanderer (Matthew Dimalanta) – Mysterious Offspring, distant from the world… but determined to see the machinations of the Merchant and his ilk undone, at all costs.

Cairos (Josh Weber) – The millennia old Archmage, willing to endure everything to bring back everyone.

Chiron (Richard Higbee) – Ambassador from the Elven Council, youngest of the ascended faelakar, archmage, not afraid to get his hands dirty when it comes to aiding or protecting the younger races.

Damon Severance (Aaron Acevedo) – Bishop of the Church of Light, former Cardinal of the Prelacy, master of strategy and intelligence work for his new church.

Drufus (Scott Crosson) – Archer, tactical specialist, and wearer of a mysterious artifact hat with a special history. Talented, courageous, and stylish, Drufus is a welcome surprise for the allies of Light and Life.

Erasmus Flint (Raymond Greer) – The often underestimated, highly connected plotter, planner, and schemer who knows how to get heroes to go far beyond heroics to do the impossible! (Secretly Brother Mantlett, the Black Lantern’s agent in the field)

Erta Wanderer (Benjamin Boardwell) – Tubby Dregordian fencer, merchant lord. friend to all, and founder of Sog’s first criminal rehabilitation center.

Felosia Naïlo (Chris Parks) – High Druid of the Phoenix Moth Grove and Practitioner of the Unusual, Felosia is the bane of enemy plans and boon to allied efforts.

Gunther (Jessica Willow) – Olaran crossbow expert and silent warrior against the forces of Darkness and Flame. The worst nightmare of enemy commanders.

Jennifer of Thornwood (Marian Waldman) – 6th Company of the Silver Unicorn, Knight Commander of the Order of the Silver Rose, chosen of Archanon, beholden to no mortal power.

Juliette LeFleur (Carinn Seabolt) – Master fencer, consummate spy, child of many worlds, and “Brother Breeze” to many of the Society.

Kaedan (Katherine Strasser) – Aevakar sorcerer who left home in search of adventure with friends as a youth only to find himself embroiled in the conflict between Light and Darkness, Flame and Life.

Kassegore, the Beast (Daniel Wong) – Once considered only a mindless berserker, now proven a deadly capable tactician, leading an elite mercenary army – whether as a liberator or a destroyer remains to be seen.

Krazkar (Ross Watson) – The would-be King of Thieves, sidetracked time and again with aiding the Grey Rangers. Krazkar spent a great deal of time on the front lines and behind the scenes in the struggle against Camon. Incredibly lucky and one of the finest fencers in the land, he is known as an enforcer and right-hand-man to the mysterious underworld figure known as “Zebediah Stone.”

Sable (Craig Henson) – One of a long line of Danatarans to bear the mantle of this Special Agent of the Crown of Galea.

Ta’Or Challa (Mike Anthony Lythgoe) – a Korindian master of the Way of Kor, honorable and devoted Grey Ranger, committed to the protection of the innocent and holding the unjust accountable.

Vhen the White (David Forby) – Snow Leopard Brinchie orphan, Kor-In Master, clawless orphan, and humble Grey Ranger, bearer of the Flute-Staff, and hero of the Battle of Chimeara’s Tower.

The Vrrll (Charles Jones) – Powerful, ogre-sized brinchie-like and immortal servant of the Silver Unicorn, often arriving at the most dire and important times.

Woundrouys (Michael Satran) – Courageous and flamboyant Korindian master of martial arts, applying equal measures of humility and brazen daring at the risk of life and limb.

Zebadiah Stone (Donavin Santini) – Accidental criminal mastermind, founder of the Stonewright Guild (“Building a better future, one Stone at a time”), secret alter ego to the Priest of Light Salvator DeMartis when he needs to wander the dark places of the criminal underworld.

We must also thank Alida Saxon, Rob Towell, David Vibbert (aka Cedrus, Left Hand of the Patriarch), James Olexa (aka the Mysterious Lord Velkalar, ally of the Prelacy), Rae Ramirez, Annabel Bugg, Ruben Rivera (aka Murvoth the Mighty), Shawn Gustafson, Erin Barnard (aka Weega Ratstabber), Scott Field, Ross Winn (aka “The Mysterious One-Eyed Old Man”), Chelvanaya Gabriel (aka Captain Venna), Paul Wilcox (aka Elindur), Timothy Baker, David Espinosa, Max Battcher (aka Skeiron), Brett Smith(aka Thaleon), Gail Seidenberg, Elizabeth Burnside, James Dillon, Janice Kuschner, Shawn and Andy Parker, Logan Goolsby, and of course, the leader of “Team Ed,” who helped manage the day and the effort, Ed Doolittle!

Hail the Heroes of Shaintar, and Hail the Warriors Who Stand with the Mighty T!

In three days, heroes of many eras of Shaintar gaming gather at the Silver Unicorn Pub to execute their plans, engaging in “Enterprises and Undertakings” to prepare for a battle to save the world from a pantheon of power-mad gods.

In four days, gamers from all around Denver gather for 24 hours of gaming at Total Escape Games, all part of the Thanksgaming 2016 event to raise money for the Mighty T and her family as they battle the dark threat of cancer.

In five daysdozens of heroes from all over the world gather at the Nighthawk Brewery for the Final Crusade: The Battle of Camondel, joining forces against the Prelacy of Camon and those same mad gods to save Shaintar and the world of Starfall – and to raise even more money for the Mighty T!

You can be a part of this. Read all about it at this page. Be ready to watch on YouTube on October 9th, and be a part of one of the biggest Big Epic Games ever attempted.


It is, simply, the biggest Big Epic Game I’ve ever attempted – and I am a person known for doing huge gaming events. I’ve gathered dozens of folks together in a single room before, and surprised everyone with how it can work so that everyone feels engaged throughout. I’ve had co-GMs, big round-robin narrative+die roll things, etc.. I’ve developed lots of interesting techniques to pull off the Big Epic Game.

This time, however, I may have folks wondering about my sanity more than usual. It’s worth it, though, because this one is for charity.

The Final Crusade: The Battle of Camondel marks my return to Shaintar, the epic high fantasy setting I’ve created over nearly 40 years, published by Savage Mojo for Savage Worlds. Not only will I have up to two dozen players on site with me (including Hero Games alumnus Ray Greer and Evil Beagle’s own Ross Watson and Carinn Seabolt) at the Nighthawk Brewery on October 9th, playing out a massive battle against the forces of the Prelacy (and some powerful stuff from beyond the Veil), anyone in the world can participate in this game, either before the day or in real-time, the day of the event.

The details of how to participate are explained at the main link, but the short of it is this:

  • Make a Donation via the charity link.
  • In the comments section of the donation, indicate the benefit you wish to give one of the on-site PCs. There’s a list for specific donation levels. There’s also a list of PCs at the main link (The Dramatis Personae), or you can just indicate the benefit goes to the current battle commander.
  • Narrate what your own PC or group is doing as part of the battle to incur that benefit for the others.
  • You can also join in via the YouTube stream, live and in real-time, to further comment, narrate, and have your actions included in on-site battle reports.

Depending on how many of you choose to participate, this could be one of the biggest “tabletop” RPG events ever. I’d be interested in trying to make it so, because cancer has taken entirely too many awesome folks out of the world, making this an epic and worthy fight both in the game, and especially out of it.

I sincerely hope you’ll join us, and I’d appreciate your help in spreading the word and getting folks involved.


Big Irish AKA Sean Patrick Fannon

The Roleplaying Game Creators Relief Fund (RCRF) is a special fund, administered by long-time game professionals who seek only to ensure when a crisis strikes, we can be there to help our colleagues in their time of need. Naturally, this means we need to constantly bring in donations of funds so we have something we can contribute, whether it’s for a medical hardship, a burned-down home, or any number of other circumstances where a writer, artist, publisher, editor, or anyone else who helps bring your favorite games and gaming materials to life may need a helping hand to get by.
This holiday season, we are extremely thrilled to offer a special bundle, worth nearly $260.00 in value, for only $25.00! Featuring contributions from companies like Pinnacle Entertainment, Spectrum Games, Melior Via, DWD Studios, Third Eye Games, Green Ronin, John Brazer Enterprises, Rite Publishing, Legendary Games, Silver Games, and Schwalb Entertainment, there are over thirty products spanning the full breadth of gaming today! Each and every product was donated for free so that we could take 100% of our revenue and apply it to building up the RCRF funds.
This would make a great “gift pack,” either for yourself or your favorite Game Master, so be sure to grab it while it’s available for the holidays! If you want to know more about the RCRF, please check out our website at

As I’ve explained before, I am on the Board of Directors for the RPG Creators Relief Fund, a charity specifically designed to provide financial support for fellow creators (designers, writers, artists, editors, etc.) who have emergency needs or fall into hard times.

Today, we launched a very special charity bundle. The theme is a Game Master Care Package, with a ton of material to help any GM running games. We timed this with the impending opening of Gen Con 2015, and we hope we can get all of you excited to not only grab a ton of great product for massive discount (and, of course, share with your GM), but to also support this worthy cause of getting our fund up-and-running to ensure the great creators of your favorite stuff have the help and support they need when the time comes.

Here’s just a short set of examples of some of the products included:

  • Colonial Gothic: The Lost Colony
  • Dangerous Games, novel by Matt Forbeck
  • Entropic Game System
  • Savage Worlds Deluxe
  • Shaintar: Legends Arise
  • The Strange: The Dark Spiral
  • The Victory System
  • Torn Asunder: Critical Hits PFRPG Version

The Roleplaying Game Creators’ Relief Fund, a charity established by gamers to help game creators in need so they can continue to create great games for all of us, is proud to announce its first major charity gaming bundle on DriveThruRPG! The bundle includes over $200 worth of gaming PDFs and is available for only $20! All money received goes into the RCRF’s coffers to help it perform its mission of assisting game creators who have suffered medical or other emergencies.