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Many of you know (and I am making sure the rest of you learn) that I have a personal relationship with the Gamer’s Tavern podcast. Darryl Mott, Jr. is a friend and supporter of Shaintar and Evil Beagle (and my online GM for my first D&D Next campaign). Ross Watson is Evil Beagle’s Managing Director, my roommate, and one of my best friends. Regular listeners know I am a frequent guest on the show.

So, there. Disclosure done.

They have just launched a Kickstarter – one with a very low, very reasonable base funding goal of $500 – to upgrade the show and make it even more wonderful. Ross and Darryl know a lot of amazing, interesting, talented, and opinionated folks from the greater population of gaming pros, thinkers, designers, educators, and fans. I highly recommend you watch the video (below and at their KS), and make sure you go all the way to the show clips they include to get a taste of it all.

As always, thanks for supporting great folks, and especially my friends!


My dear friends, Hazardswake Overmind* and Susan “Sooz” Knowles, just won the Grand Prize for the 2014 Indie Game Maker Contest!

Their game, Remnants of Isolation, was judged the best-of-the-best out of a field of over 800 entries, reviewed by an all-star panel of Judges including Ed Greenwood and Kimberly Weigend.

They got a very nice cash prize, and their game will get some additional polish (including some additional art and music support) to get it ready for sale on Steam!

I cannot express just how happy and proud I am for these two phenomenal people and the amazing work they’ve done. I am looking forward to diving back into playing this myself.

(*) – Edited due to a recent privacy/doxxing issue. Ugly Internet trolls are truly ugly, horrible people.

Despite the bad news coming out of Microsoft, there’s good news for the Deadlands TV series that’s been in development. I’ll let Shane Hensley tell it from here –

Shane here.

Rumors of the Deadlands live action series’ demise, I’m happy to say, are greatly exaggerated.

It is true that Microsoft had a very large layoff today and closed what was called XBox Entertainment Studios. A number of projects are still in development with the exact same people, however, such as Steven Spielberg’s (Exec Produced) Halo series AND…

…Deadlands. Others will be announced one way or another in the days and weeks to come, I believe.

The shows may take on a different form than was originally envisioned, or they may be partnered with other networks as things are sorted out. And of course the project may still terminate at any time just like any entertainment project–that is always the case regardless of the parent company’s actions or focus changes.

Pinnacle and I offer our support to all the XBox staff who were let go and the creators whose projects were cancelled. We know what a punch to the gut that can be–we’ve been through it many times and will go through it many more, we’re sure. But we also know you will recover and move onward and upward with experience gained and lessons learned. These are unfortunate setbacks. They are not endings.

Now on to the positive news for Deadlands’ fans.

Meetings were held between the writer / director and the XBox exec and creative teams yesterday (July 16). Both sides report that it was one of the best meetings they’ve ever had, with ideas flying and enthusiasm high. The group is now working on the series’ outline and pilot revisions, and when we’re able and if things continue to move ahead, we’ll announce the writer / director and at least a little bit about the actual content of the series itself.

Thanks very much to all those who sent IMs, emails, texts, and phone calls to us to offer their support.”

“I ain’t dead, yet!”

I’m in Columbia Township, MO, as I write this, having just awoken on our second day of travel from Huntsville to Denver.

What a thing to wake up to!

The 2014 ENnie Awards Nominations are announced, and there is an incredible field of amazing products and talents represented. The ENnie Awards rose to become one of the pinnacle award programs for our hobby, such that it really is an incredible honor just to be nominated.

Which, as it turns out, Evil Beagle Games was this year. Twice. <cue tears again, making it difficult to write>

Yeah, I am choked up. It’s an amazing feeling to receive this kind of validation. Shaintar: Legends Arise is nominated for Best Rules. This is, frankly, a shock. I am proud of how I expanded the options and potential of Savage Worlds with my design efforts in Shaintar, but this level of acknowledgment was never expected. It’s one thing to be a respected writer among the pool of talent I get to rub elbows with.

It’s quite another to actually have my game design chops compared to those of Rob Heinsoo and the rest of the 13th Age team; Ryan Macklin and the FATE Core gang; Robin D. Laws (nominated for Hillfolk); and Sean Preston and his exceptional tremulus.

2014 ENnnie Awards Nominee, Best Rules


For Best Electronic Book, Shaintar: Legends Unleashed got the nod. As one of the more vocal advocates of e-publishing, I am incredibly honored to have the privilege of sitting alongside Sneak Attack’s Broken Earth; Brabblemark’s Corporia; Purple Duck’s and 4 Winds’ joint effort, Fairie Tales from the Unlit Shores; and Green Ronin’s Players Guide to Emerald City.

2014 ENnie Awards Nominee, Best Electronic Book


The very dedicated ENnie Judges have spoken. Come July 20th, it will be your turn to decide who walks away with the Silver and Gold Awards at Gen Con. If you love it, show it and vote, friends. These are, at the end of the day, your Awards – your opportunity to show publishers, artists, writers, designers, and all of the other talented and creative folks involved that their efforts are truly elevated in your eyes.

Now, if you will excuse me, Imma go do my Snoopy Dance in the corner for a while longer before hitting the road for Denver…

My dear friends, Lee Ballew and Susan “Sooz” Knowles, have an entry in a huge PC RPG maker game contest (which features the redoubtable Ed Greenwood as a judge).

I really think this is something you should check out, and I’d be personally grateful if you’d consent to log in and vote for them.

Remnants of Isolation

Another round of cool and geeky stuff that deserves to be shared.

Kitsune: Of Foxes and Fools

Eastern mythology meets tabletop card game fun as these magical foxes teach lessons to fools through trickery, thus earning their tails. A cute and intriguing game for anime and mythology fans (and their kids). The print-and-play version is free.


Die Cast

A live-play group that focuses on games you may not have ever heard of, the Die Cast crew is spreading the love of tabletop gaming and shining light on stuff otherwise left in the shadows cast by bigger, more popular games.

The Great Game (ICONS)

ICONS took the superhero gaming world by storm a while back, but it’s not been as high up on folks lists in recent times. There’s still a lot of amazing stuff out there for it, including this gem you may have missed. It takes your ICONS gaming into “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Green Lantern Corps” territory.


Applied Vectors Artwork Fund

My friend, Ian Liddle of Applied Vectors fame, is looking for some help in upgrading his models package for his art. By helping him out, not only do you do a great thing for a great guy who constantly gives of his time and his assets to help others, but you’ll also wind up with some great free product based on what he creates from your contributions.


Savage Insider

The folks of Obatron Productions have been working out their new approach to the Savage Worlds oriented magazine, Savage Insider. For those who want to subscribe to their customizable newsletter mailing list, check out this cool form to let them know what you want to receive information about.

If you are interested in contributing to the magazine, or in advertising opportunities within, click this link.


Cold Steel Wardens

Does your idea of fun superhero gaming run to the streets and back alleys of the 90s when the Watchmen, The Dark Knight Returns, Hellblazer, Sin City ruled the Iron Age?

Here you go.


That’s it for this time around, but there’s tons more coming in all the time.

If you are a publisher, creator, or just a geek (or group of geeks) with something cool to share, don’t forget to drop me a line and let me share it out for you.

I get a lot of stuff in that folks would like me to promote, and since I am on the road a lot and in the midst of other things, I am just going to throw a bunch of cool stuff together into this one post to share. Enjoy!

The Cloven Fruit Games Patreon Page

A series of cool gaming products using the interesting new model for creative sharing and patronage.




Gamification of the classroom, leading to some rather amazing education results!


Thunderbirds Cooperative Tabletop Game

“Thunderbirds Are Go!” The classic sci-fi adventure kids show from 60s is being brought to the tabletop by the innovative folks at Modiphius Entertainment. This is, frankly, just too freaking cool! (I still have some of the old Dinky toys!)


OtherSpace Reboot on Join the Saga

I’ll let Wes tell you directly – “On June 28, OtherSpace – an online collaborative sci-fi epic, officially reboots in celebration of its 16th anniversary. It’s a real-time, original-theme space opera saga that’s been evolving over the years through the actions and consequences of participants from all over the world. We’re accepting new character applications now. Get started at! Any questions? Email Wes Platt at”


Finally, here’s something from the GeekStorm GameTable – their look at Savage Worlds!