Prowlers & Paragons Ultimate Edition – A Superhero RPG for the 21st Century

The P&PUE Kickstarter is Live Now!

While this very important KS for my company, Evil Beagle Games, is going on, I continue to take time off from regular Picks (but they will be back once this is wrapped up in another couple of weeks).

The original Hero Games folks – Steve Peterson, Ray Greer, and Bruce Harlick have this to say about our game –

BRUCE HARLICK (Editor, Writer, and Designer for Champions and many other tabletop and electronic games): “P&P is an elegant super heroic system that is loose enough to let people play larger-than-life heroes while still providing enough crunch during conflict resolution to be totally satisfying. It’s like a bridge between the crunchy games of the 80s (Champions) and the modern day aesthetic. It plays fast and fun and players’ actions are only limited by their character conception — and their imagination. Two toasts from Foxbat’s Secret Lair on this one!”

STEVE PETERSON (Co-Creator, Champions; Original Partner, Hero Games): “P&P is a smashing amount of superheroic fun that I’ve enjoyed playing. And did I mention fistfuls of dice?  If you like a game that’s fast-moving and gives you the feel of your favorite comic-book heroes, P&P delivers.”

RAY GREER (Writer & Designer, Champions; Original Partner, Hero Games): “I really had a fine time with the playtest. It offers a really interesting balance between flexibility and customization for character creation. And it is rich in detail without feeling like a miniatures game for combat. The highest compliment I can pay is that if we were designing Champions today, there are several ideas I’d have liked to steal wholesale.” 

If you want to check out the rules for free, grab the Quickstart Rules right now!

The complete rules set; the only thing missing is the character creation stuff (which, c’mon, we gotta hold something back to sell, right?).

And if you are interested in seeing or even playing the game, live online, here’s an entire schedule of live one-hour demos I’ll be running on the Kickstarter page itself.

Live Demo Play (and that’s Len Pimentel, the creator of P&PUE, on the left)

Thanks to everyone who’s supported us so far, and I hope you will join us for this grand adventure into superhero storytelling in the Omniverse and beyond!

Oh, and if anyone out there is interested in having Len and/or me on for a podcast, vidcast, or interview – or you’d like to do an online game demo – please reach out and we are happy to set that up.

Check out Prowlers & Paragons Ultimate Edition (Kickstarter March 19th), the next generation of superhero gaming!

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