Feast of Tigers (5e) – Sean’s Pick, 030418

On this day wherein we celebrate Game Masters worldwide, I am indulging in another spotlight week for someone who is not only a great GM, but a great creator of works for GMs across many systems. Ross Watson, the “Storm Warden” himself, is a star writer and creator, as well as one of my dearest friends.

So we open Celebrating Ross Watson Week with this D&D 5e adventure, Feast of Tigers, which Evil Beagle Games is proud to have on our digital shelves. It’s for folks who’ve been playing a while (9th-15th level), with political maneuvering, investigation, and some epic confrontations.

Dark forces wish to desecrate an important religious ceremony taking place at a royal gathering. Can the heroes discover the assassins before it is too late?

A Feast of Tigers is a short adventure (for characters of 9th-15th level) involving intrigue and politics as much as combat and magic. It is set amongst a backdrop of bloody ambition and assassination during the investiture of a senior priest into the church of the Lawmaker in the troubled region of Westmarch. As the plots and schemes turn to open murder, the player characters find themselves in the midst of a powder keg primed to explode; a situation to which someone is very deliberately trying to light the fuse!

This is the first in a series of products Evil Beagle Games is proud to bring you, from the creative and prolific mind and talents of Ross Watson (Lead Designer and Developer, Wrath & Glory: Warhammer 40K Roleplay). Look for many more exciting, fun, and involving products from one of our favorite creators!

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