DM Guild RAINN Bundles – Sean’s Pick, 022619

Struggles abound, and there’s always a need to do more and be better. This is why I am so glad to support the RAINN Bundles on the Dungeon Masters Guild site, which also launches Return to the Guild Week here at the Picks of the Day.

RAINN is the Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network, and with the many revelations of abuse and outpourings of support in their wake, it’s important to empower people to find positive means of that support. These bundles are fantastic opportunities to get a ton of great Dungeons & Dragons products, with all proceeds going straight to this fantastic and well-vetted organization.

There’s the Starter Kit, Explorer’s Pack, Folk Heroes, Benevolent DM Kit, and Epic Hero bundles; hit the link above to examine them all further, and look for more DM Guild Picks this week.

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