A Week Off for Reflection

I will post no links here. If you know, you know, and you’ve found and read everything. If not, and you are curious, simply type Zak S into your Google and you’ll be on your way down the very dark rabbit hole.

That’s why there are no Picks this week. I do not wish to engage in any celebration of products right now. Instead, I am taking this week to reflect on my own history and how I’ve worked hard to be better, and to be a better example.

We can be mighty, and we often are.

We can, however, be better. We can make our spaces safer. We can include everyone deserving of inclusion, and make our community unwelcome to those who do harm with words and deeds.

I am committed to continuing my efforts in these directions, and this week, I hope you will all reflect on how you can do and be better, as well.

Thank you,

Sean Patrick Fannon

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