Wearing the Cape: The B-Files – Sean’s Pick, 020819

The final Pick for Celebrating BAMFsies Week is a full-service supplement for the hit FATE-driven supers game, Wearing the Cape (which is based on the hit superhero fiction series of the same name). The B-Files gives you a whole slew of established characters.

Not only is this a fun source for fans of the series (who get to see the characters they’ve read about statted up in the game), it’s a solid resource for GMs and players to research how to make up their own villains and heroes. There’s also a lot of extra material to support gameplay.

Wearing the Cape: The B-Files is the second sourcebook for WtC: The Roleplaying Game. A collection of 31 cape-files, it gives the players fully worked examples of standard and exotic superhero types, including:

2 Ajax-Types
8 Kinetic/Projector-Types
5 Metamorph-Types
2 Paragon-Types
3 newly named Power-Types
8 superhumans who’s powers defy classification

The cape-files include dozens of Stunts related to powered and non-powered aspects of the characters. If you run superhero campaigns in the Post-Event World, use the WtC:RPG system for your own superhero campaign, or are looking for a source of inspiration for use with other Fate games, Wearing the Cape: The B-Files is a valuable resource.

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