Fallen Justice – Sean’s Pick, 020619

Here in the middle of Celebrating BAMFsies Week, we’re going with another of the new crop of supers games, Fallen Justice. It’s an OSR (d20) driven game hearkening mechanically back to the “white box” set of D&D rules, but they’ve invested some more modernized narrative gameplay elements in, as well.

Dark vigilantes in the means streets is the focus, so if that’s your jam and you like the OSR style of gaming, this is worth a look.

A Vigilante Roleplaying Game inspired by the OSR

Inspired by gritty Iron Age comics, FALLEN JUSTICE is a no-holds barred, bloody knuckled homage to powerless vigilante stories. Powered by the Venerable Knight Classics chassis, this classically inspired d20 RPG is heavily based on White Box roleplaying, but features some modern narrative mechanics.

Take on the role of a brutal vigilante out to clean the streets by force and get ready to sink your fists into the faces of low-life criminals everywhere. This book contains no setting and is designed to be a toolbox to tell your own stories, but it is otherwise a complete game.

This book features: 

  • 10 Vigilante Classes
  • Brutal Critical Hit Tables
  • Die Drops for generating threats and neighborhoods
  • Opening Fiction Absolucion by Ed Erdelac

All powered by Gallant Knight Game’s Venerable Knight Chassis!

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