NYNG Tiny Dungeon – Sean’s Pick, 010819

As New Year, New Game Week rolls on, we take a look at the Tiny Dungeon phenomenon (which seems to be part of a bigger “tiny game” kind of aesthetic I’ve also seen in the board game space). The idea is to keep it low-impact in terms of rules, headspace, and resources, and this series of products seems to knock that right out of the park.

This bundle, which is $50 of product for $15, has seven items in it, including core rules, monsters, treasures, adventures, and more.

TINY DUNGEON 2e is a minimalist game, designed to be easy to play, teach, and set up! It only requires three six sided dice per player, some 3×5 notecards and some imagination (ok, a lot of imagination, like any good RPG!)

Characters are quickly built by selecting Traits that define what situations they gain Advantage (where they roll 3d6), but be careful! Certain situations or effects can impose Disadvantage (where a player rolls 1d6), which makes it more difficult to complete tasks! A character consists of three Traits, a Heritage, Family Trade and Belief, and will all fit on a 3×5 notecard (with plenty of room for notes and treasure!)

A intuitive pass/fail system enables the most experienced, as well as the newest gamer to pick it up quickly. All you have to do is have one result of a 5 or 6 in your roll, and you accomplish your task! The mechanics get out of the way and fade to the background as your group tells their story and exciting adventures unfold!

Included in the Tiny Dungeon 2e book are exciting micro-settings designed to help a GM create a new and vibrant world to explore, and this bundle also includes the fully aquatic campaign setting Destiny of Tides, alongside tools to make the Gamemaster’s life easier, as well as exciting Destiny of Tides pre-gens!

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