NYNG Pugmire – Sean’s Pick, 010719

“Hello boys! I’m BAAAAAACK!” – Russel Casse (Randy Quaid), Independence Day

I hope everyone had a grand holiday season (which, for me, extended to January 4th, on which day we celebrated that I’d manage to not die for yet another year). Now we return to the Picks of the Day with New Year, New Game Week, a celebration of your opportunity to dive into a new game, new setting, and/or new rules as you get back to the table in 2019. DriveThruRPG has a number of bundles set up to celebrate exactly this idea, and we’re opening up with the Pugmire Bundle featuring my buddy, Eddy Webb, and his celebration of Good Dogs in the Days to Come.

For $9.99, you get $33 of Pugmire content to give you all you need for a complete deep dive into the system and the setting. The bundle includes:

  • Bizarre Bestiary
  • Digging Up Trouble
  • Pan’s Guide for New Pioneers
  • Pugmire Core Rulebook
  • Pugmire Interactive Character Sheet
  • The Pugmire System Guide for OGL 5e Creators
  • The Secret of Vinsen’s Tomb
  • Adventurers, Acrobats, and Acolytes
  • Character Creation Guide
  • That’s a Rich Tale

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