Michtim: Fluffy Adventures – Sean’s Pick, 121718

As we run up to Christmas, DriveThruRPG is running their Teach Your Kids to Game promo, so we’ll theme the week accordingly. The first standout Pick for this week is Michtim: Fluffy Adventures, a game definitely all about appealing to kids and the kid in all of us. 

Straight up, you’re playing “Cute Heroes With Special Powers,” and the demo video has a puppet of a cute fuzzy as the GM. There’s a significant focus on inclusivity, and a proud affirmation of “indie” development.

Cute Heroes with Special Powers

Michtims are easily mistaken for hamsters at first glance, yet they have access to magic, technology and nature’s allies. They are in constant struggle with human’s plans to take down their sacred Immergrummel woods. Nevertheless, they also know how to have a good time, because bakery festivals are an important part of their culture.

Easy to Learn / Fun to Tinker with

The core rules are taught in steps. The game is playable with just the basic rules (that are also reproduced on the character sheet for your convenience). If the Michtims grow experienced enough, the game master will introduce Callings and Gear to offer more complexity. Players are able to create new material, based on the existing framework or change the fiction aspect of established content.

Personality as Core Mechanic

Michtims are very emotional. Their abilities are directly based on five emotions. Anger is used to attack foes, while Love allows the Michtim to tend the wounds of friends. Joy provides mobility and perception, while Fear is used to hide or evade attacks. Grief, on the other hand, allows the Michtim to weep to reduce incoming damage.

A Blend of Magic, Tech and Nature

Michtims rely on these three things. There are several magical Callings that provide for spellcasting in the fiction, like the Sorcerer or Witch. Technology is also a viable path to power for Machinists and Cybertooths. All Michtims have the ability to speak with animals, so Nature is a strong ally to all Michtims. Players can take any Calling and change its meaning in the fiction, by providing new themes for existing mechanics.

100% Indie / 100% Inclusive

The art, game design, graphic design and writing were all created by Georg Mir, and are thus guided by a single vision: to create a game that will be a welcoming place to all kinds of people, no matter their gender, sexual orientation or ethnic background.

[There’s a lot more shared on the actual sales page…]

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