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Another day, another Pick from the top sellers on RPGNow as we say Goodbye RPGNow Week. A company like Zozer Games will miss the site, as they may not get the same time in the top spot landscape. I will have to make sure I do what I can to help offset that, because Zenobia represents the kind of game that folks should get a chance to see among the more dominant product lines. Fallen Rome, desert clans, mythical monsters, intrigue, and so much more, all driven by a streamlined 2d6 system.

Where Rome meets the desert –

Rome crumbles, and here in the Desert Kingdoms  there are tribes, cults, kings and queens that all want their piece.  It is a lawless frontier, a world where the deserts are home to fierce Saracen tribes, lost cities, sphinx and scorpion-men. And where the cities teem with scheming princes, bandit kings and sinister cults. Opportunity and adventure are everywhere!

ZENOBIA is the fantasy roleplaying game of adventure and magic in the ancient world.

A complete game using a fast and easy-to-use 2d6 mechanic. With rules for gladiatorial fights, sailing, traps, wilderness travel, combat, magic, cults and ancient religions. 

  • Quick-play character archetypes.
  • Gritty combat results that depend on player decision, not dice rolling.
  • Cults, temples and divine intervention
  • Monsters and magical items.
  • An adventure tool-kit – how to build your fantasy scenario.
  • Campaigns – gladiators, sailors, legionaries, mercenaries … you choose!
  • Useful advice on scenario and campaign construction. 
  • Sailing, trading and sea combat rules.
  • Mass battle rules – fight the Battle of Gaugamela in 5 minutes!
  • Solo Zenobia – rules to support playing Zenobia campaigns completely on your own.
  • Detailed maps and copious colour and line art.
  • Expansive notes on the cultures and kingdoms of the Desert Kingdoms. 

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