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It’s on the nose for Extra Large Bowl of Cereal Week, which is fine because – let’s face it – all those cartoons were pretty on the nose, too. Saturday Morning Tabletop RPG takes your 5e D&D rules, turns them on their ear, and lets go coo-coo-go-crazy-nuts with over-the-top action and outlandish adventures that would fit on any small screen. Grab the action figures, stat them up, and have a grand time!

Have you ever wanted to play halfling gunslinger or a yeti wizard? Or is a giant sword wielding cat more your style? Awe shux, maybe you’re the kinda person that’ll love playing a dwarven were-bear wrestler who suplexes giants to warm up before the real fight!? Whatever it is, the Saturday Morning Tabletop RPG has it. From the totally insane high fantasy combat to the kinda game that has you uttering “zoinks”, or even “jinkies”, the way you play is totally up to you.

         The Saturday Morning Tabletop RPG was designed using the D&D 5e OGL, but many new rules have been implemented to create a brand new experience while still having a sense of familiarity. Think of SMTT as D&D cranked up to eleventy five! And yes, eleventy five is a real number, just ask anyone under the age of five . . .

       SMTT includes some familiar races and classes, each with a unique spin. Like the massive weapon warrior being able to swing around a tree for a weapon. Included in the core rules are;

  • 28 fun, fantastical & unique race options
  • 9 crazy core classes, with unique archetypes
  • 33 totally unique backgrounds (like “fairy godchild”)
  • 54 cantankerous character options to customize your Saturday Morning hero!
  • 148 spells, & Spellcasting classes that cast those spells each in their own special way. 
  • An included toolkit for creating custom animal companions & followers!
  • An evildoer toolkit! So that maniacal GM can create an endless flood of baddies to be beaten up and bashed back into the boiling pits from whence they came! Or to just trounce on some would be heroes.

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