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The “strange critters that are your friends/gladiatorial warriors” craze was after my time as a consumer of cartoons, but it took hold and never went away with shows like Pokemon, Digimon, and Cardcaptors. Now there’s this rather elaborate and engaging tabletop RPG that does its own bit of worldbuilding while empowering creative players to craft their own magical war-monster creations. MagiMonsters is a huge hit with the local crowd here in Denver, and the players spend hours talking about the game between sessions, so Late Knight Games did something right, making this a solid Extra Large Bowl of Cereal Week Pick.

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You’re about to enter a fantastic place where extraordinary creatures dwell and where extraordinary things can happen. But nothing is more extraordinary than the people that make this world their home—the people who live to challenge Monsters.

The pages in this book invite you to become one of these incredible people, to write your own story.

Who will you be? What Monsters will you face? What story will you tell? Make your decisions wisely, and do not delay… Monsters are coming.

The MajiMonsters Core Rulebook contains…

  • Information on binders, the heroes of the world
  • How to make a customized character
  • Instructions for Game Masters
  • A horde of magical relics to find and use
  • All the rules for combat and playing the game
  • A catalog of all 114 known MajiMonsters
  • Descriptions of over 440 combat techniques
  • Sample NPC allies and rivals
  • Rules for making your very own, custom MajiMonsters!
  • PDF version includes bookmarks

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