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We at Evil Beagle Games just released the Freedom Squadron line to the public today (after getting all the backer stuff out). Thus, my inspiration for Extra Large Bowl of Cereal Week – a celebration of games that take us back to the days when sitting down on a Saturday morning with a box of processed sugar-and-grains and a half-gallon of milk while animated madness filled the TV screen was just what every kid did.

The Freedom Squadron Commando’s Manual is your introduction to a Savage Worlds-driven celebration of the action adventure cartoons, comics, and fully-articulated figures that featured colorful combat uniforms and code names of varying degrees of coolness. However, it also features excellent rules for creating powerful and effective soldiers, spies, combat pilots, adventuring scientists, and many other types of heroes that could inhabit any setting about military action, special ops, and action/thriller stories. GMs will also want to look at the innovative Plans & Operations Manual (and the special P&O Deck that goes with it).

For Freedom!

It’s the year 2051, and World War III only ended two years ago. Even as the world began to rebuild from the conflagration, humanity was rocked by the revelation that a massive organization engaged in a terrible conspiracy to bring Earth to its knees and under their control. VENOM became the enemy of all freedom-loving people, using military might, criminal undertakings, weird science, occult mysteries, and economic warfare to attack humanity and install their mighty leader, VENOM Commander, firmly in control of the world.

But Freedom Squadron has something to say about that! Formed by the allies of the Trans-Atlantic Coalition, under the auspices of the United Nations, Freedom Squadron is an international force comprised of elite soldiers, sailors, pilots, special agents, first responders, and more, all dedicated to protecting the Earth from VENOM and other terrible forces and
strange, mysterious dangers.

The Freedom Squadron Commando’s Manual is everything you need to create a hero ready to take the battle to VENOM, using the Savage Worlds system:

  • Vocation Frameworks like Athlete, Guerilla Fighter, Law Enforcement Officer, Medic, Ninja, Pilot, Sailor, Soldier, Spy, and many more!
  • Hero’s Journey Specialization Tables such as Black Ops, Close Quarters Combat, Command, Intelligence, Naval Operations, Special Operations, Tech & Engineering, and more!
  • New Edges, including Carnage Corps, Fighting Style, Operational Planning, Strange DNA, Zone Specialist, and more!
  • Introducing Focuses, special enhancements to Skills that both simplifies and fleshes out the Skill system of Savage Worlds.
  • Tons of Gear – weapons, armor, vehicles, and more! 

Grab this manual and get started on earning your Code Name, Recruit! Welcome to Freedom Squadron!

Sean Patrick Fannon
Writer & Game Designer: Shaintar, Star Wars, Savage Rifts, Freedom Squadron, and much more!
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