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Today we celebrate Veterans Day, and we also mark the 100-year anniversary of when the Armistice of World War I was enacted. In observation of these two key moments, I’m calling it World at War Week and looking at RPG products focused on either World War I or World War II. No Man’s Land is a rather famous Call of Cthulhu adventure crafted by Sam Johnson for CoC a while back, but is readily adaptable to the 7th Edition of the game (a link in the sales text on the page takes you right to what you need for it). Originally crafted as part of their Master Tournament series, this adventure focuses heavily on making soldiers in the era and, more importantly, emphasizing the experience of the “mundane” horrors of war even while more supernatural horror lurks in the shadows of the trenches.

WWI Mythos Action with the Lost Battalion

THE DATE IS OCTOBER 2, 1918. In France, soldiers huddle in hastily-dug trenches, faith their only protection against the never-ending artillery barrage. It is the time of World War I — the Great War — when mankind proves itself capable of atrocities never before conceived. As above, so below. Beneath the cracked and shattered soil of the Argonne Forest lives something that waits, lurking and feeding upon misery—something inhuman. Very soon the members of the doomed Lost Battalion will stumble upon this mystery older than Mu, and then the fate of the world will lie in their hands.

No Man’s Land includes rules for generating soldier characters in WWI and a guide to a soldier’s life in the period, detailing dangers from shell-shock to mustard gas. It is the first of the Cthulhu Master’s Tournament books, which are designed to be run as stand-alone or tournament adventures. It originally formed part of the Cthulhu Master’s Tournament at GenCon. No Man’s Land can also act as the basis of a campaign set in the 1920s. Match your wits against the masters of Mythos horror!

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