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First off, Happy Halloween for all who celebrate it, and don’t forget to take advantage of all the great deals still going on at DriveThruRPG (including the Trick-or-Treat Pumpkin search).

Today’s Time After Time Week Pick is part of the Black Hack culture of OSR products. The Time Travel Hack is done by my buddy, Mark Stout, a great guy and clever designer who tinkers and makes cool stuff happen. For a buck, you really cannot go wrong grabbing this and either straight-up playing time travel with your d20s or adding it into your d20-driven games.

The Time Travel Hack is a standalone game that lets you play the role of a time traveler. Whether traveling through time and space with a mysterious alien, being part of a team of troubleshooters that go back in time to prevent terrible disasters, hopping through time to stop villains from changing time, or playing police from the future chasing escaped criminals into the past, The Time Travel Hack has it covered.

Based on the popular OSR, rules-light game The Black Hack, by David Black, The Time Travel Hack will have you playing in no time at all.

  • Six classes: Soldier, Scientist, Agent, Tech, Everyman, and Psychic.
  • Four game themes: Lonely Alien Traveler, Disaster Prevention Team, Time Agents, and Time Police.
  • Simple equipment and weapon rules.
  • New rules for psychic powers.
  • Foes ranging from ancient gladiators to futuristic war robots, and suggestions for easy foe creation.

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