Cavaliers of Mars – Sean’s Pick, 102218

More and more, Onyx Path is becoming a house dedicated to much more than the World of Darkness, and this brilliant (and very successfully Kickstarted) celebration of sword-and-planet science-fantasy inspires this week’s Of Swords and Lasers theme. Cavaliers of Mars is a clear homage to Edgar Rice Burroughs’ John Carter, as well as the works of Alex Raymond, Ralph Milne Farley (aka Roger Hoar), Gustave LeRouge, Robert E. Howard, Gardner Fox, and others.

Created by Rose Bailey and written by her and an all-star cast, this book hits all of the classic tropes and fun bits while employing modern game design to combine character motivations and swashbuckling action.

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Return now to dying Mars in its last age of glory. A world of flashing swords and choking sands, of winking courtesans and lantern-lit canal cities. Mars, where romance and heartbreak are two sides of the same obsidian chit.

Where lost cities are buried in the dunes, and dry oceans stretch out between the last daring bastions of civilization. Where the First Martians, the monument-builders, are but a faded memory. And the Red Martians have become decadent and capricious in their last days. 

Find yourself digging for someone else’s treasure in the lost tombs of Chiaro, or spitting defiance at the Roundhead priests of wild Ziggur, or dashing across the towered crypts of Vance with your long-lost lover. Lock steel with the Princess Invincible, even as your hand reaches towards your flintlaser for insurance.

Cavaliers of Mars includes:

  • A vibrant setting with cultures, careers, characters, and dozens of locations, all organized to get you right into the world of Mars!
  • An all-new system combining your character’s motivations, history, and beliefs with strategic swashbuckling action!
  • Astrology, crafting, psychic powers, and much more!

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