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As we make our way through the aftermath(s) of Something Happened Week, here’s a 2d6 (Xd6)-driven game from Michael Brown that lets the GM stew up their favorite “end of the world” scenario and launch a campaign around it. Whatever brought on the end, Afterday: 2d6 Adventure After the Apocalypse is about the beginning of a group’s adventures in the World That Comes After.

The end of the world has held a morbid fascination since time immemorial. Stories concerning it can be found in the myths and oral traditions of many ancient cultures. In many of these stories, the world is destroyed (often as a byproduct of a war between deities or other supernatural entities) but remade anew or is returned to a chaotic or primordial state. The modern expression of post-apocalyptic fiction can be traced to the early 19th century and the works of Mary Shelley, Jean-Baptiste Cousin de Grainville, and Edgar Allan Poe. Of course, the advent of film, television, and the Internet has made such stories ubiquitous and introduced many commonly associated tropes, such as vast wastelands; predatory raiders (often mutated), and devices from the previous civilization held up as objects of desire and awe.

Now players using the 2D6 system can survive humanity’s worst day and perhaps help rebuild what has been destroyed. Afterday is based on the Mongoose 1st Edition 2D6 OGL system (which is itself based on The Original Science-Fiction Roleplaying Game first published in the late 1970s) and designed to create heroes struggling to survive and the strange new world around them. The rules include:

  • A variety of adventuring careers using an easy yet familiar lifepath and skill-acquisition system
  • An overview of ways to implement the destruction of human civilization
  • Tables to allow the referee to customize the odd cultures that may arise after the fall
  • A good selection of equipment, weapons, and armor, as well as a system to quickly create minor artifacts
  • New critters to kill (or be killed by) your heroes, including the terrifying zombie
  • A discussion of creating mutants and other posthumans
  • and to top it all off, a system for creating settlements, the last bastions of civilization and survival.

Afterday. It’s the end of everything…and the beginning of adventure.

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