Dante Nardo’s Lock, Stock, & Barrel – Sean’s Pick, 100418

And we roll on through Wildest of the West Week with Lock, Stock, and Barrelan admittedly quick-and-dirty, exploding dice system meant for action-cinema and highly fictionalized participation in both historical and legendary events of the Western era.

Lock, Stock, & Barrel combines real life stories and locations with the ridiculousness of dime novels to create a thigh slappin’ good time! Inspired by “Spaghetti Westerns,” Lock, Stock, & Barrel will recreate legendary duels with outlaws, daring train robberies (or rescues), and more than one chance to show your true grit.


  • An action-packed, exploding dice system that emulates the feeling of the Wild West
  • Blazing fast character creation so that you can get up and ready in a few moments
  • Balanced and western themed ability scores with a wide range of skills, ensuring that no player is a one trick pony or master of all.
  • Famous Wild West Heroes & Villains, some fictionalized, some not

BETA V0.2.0

In this version you will find less content then is planned, absent internal links that are marked by the @@ symbol, and editing errors. As these are found and corrected the PDF will be updated accordingly. As more features and content are added to the game the PDF will be updated and you will be notified upon major releases. Once the full version has been released (est 2019) you will receive that final version as well.

Thank you for your support!

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