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Continuing the genre-driven theme weeks, I’m going with the Wildest of the West Week this time out. Since there’s not a huge amount of properly-themed products coming out for this particular style of gaming, these won’t all be particularly new – but they’ll certainly be about gunslingers, wild frontiers, and similar tropes you can play with at the table. I am opening up with a new release, albeit for a very old (as in, the first major release of this genre) game – BH1: Mad Mesa, the very first module crafted for TSR’s original Boot Hill. Though, oddly enough, the first edition of that game isn’t available, both the Second Edition and (the much more well-received) Third Edition are both available, and this module is easily converted to either of them. Honestly, its entire structure and storytelling approach makes it exceedingly useful to any Western-themed game.

Mad Mesa Gazette

Volume 6 — Scott Randolph – Editor — Number 12

Jack Maxwell in Coma

More fire was recently added to the Kane-Russell feud. It seems that several unidentified men jumped Malachai Kane and a Bar-K hand by the name of Jack Maxwell. The two men were taken completely unawares and beaten until they were unconscious. One attacker continued to kick the men when they were down. Jack Maxwell was kicked in the head so hard that he has not yet recovered consciousness. The Kanes have claimed that this was obviously the work of the Russells. The Russells were unavailable for comment.

Sheep Herder Fleeced

Sam Archer – well known barfly and sheep herder – is having problems, once again, with those sheep that he loves so dearly. It seems that Sam’s sheep just keep on disappearing, a lot l!ke those l!ttle varmints make the grass disappear from our beloved prairie. Now we don’t want to spread any suspicion, but if we were Sam we might check the stewing pots of those foreigners that he keeps as shepherds. ‘Course, since the smell of sheep don’t wash off once you been around them this probably won’t yield no results. Besides, it’s only justice that them critters are being stolen, seeing as how we all know that Sam could never have afforded to buy them in the first place. They’re probably just another thing he picked up while he was just a child in his folks’ gypsy camp.


MR. and MRS. JOHN P. SMITH – Cut down in the prime of their lives at the Lazy A Hotel when discovered by Mr. Smith’s wife , Doris Fontane.

MR. BRET M. GARNER, famous card sharp – Mortally wounded when a dispute broke out over the four aces which he held in his hand.

MR. and MRS. JOSIAH CABE – Killed when their small house was burned to the ground by a masked outlaw.

MR. LENNARD RANGER, drifter – Shot from the back of his white horse. Was mistaken for an outlaw reported to be in the area.

MR. JAY RATHER – Hung himself after mistakenly shooting Mr . L. Ranger in the back.

MISS SADIE CLAMHA WK – Slipped on a bar of soap while scrubbing a floor and broke her neck.


K. H. Scott and wife Stephanie to Boston, Massachusetts. Seeking buyers for their small ranch outside of town.

James Halter to Cleveland, Ohio. Seeking to improve his education by attending some fancy eastern college. Apparently this town ain’t good enough for him.


Home for collie dog previously owned by Mister J. Rather. Good with children.


As you approach the small town of Mad Mesa you hear the loud, explosive bursts of guns being fired. Passing the road sign indicating the town of Mad Mesa, you notice that the population number on the sign has been written over and reduced more than once. You realize that maybe a night’s stay in Mad Mesa might not be as restful as you had hoped it would be. Yet, you and your horse are tired, so you cautiously enter Mad Mesa wondering what to expect next.

Mad Mesa is the first in the series of modules for use with the Boot HillTM game system. This module not only offers the usual multiplayer, role-playing adventure, but also a special solo game.

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