The Shivering Circle – Sean’s Pick, 092818

We’re closing out Horrific New Horror Week with this suggestion from my friend, Mark Carroll, a true aficionado of good horror gaming. Designed as a self-contained single session RPG experience, The Shivering Circle also serves just fine as the launch for an entire campaign of nerve-wracking and psychologically-bending horror gaming. It’s also an excellent delve into British folklore.


An abandoned landscape, soaked with unresolved histories; 
a village, hiding an age-old conspiracy;  
a shadowy thing, whispering terrible secrets to children; 
a tortured house, playing back the traumas of the past;
a stone circle, where the ley lines meet.

Although you don’t belong here… 
although you don’t understand this place… 
it was you they wanted all along.

A ­complete role-playing game for one-shot or prolonged play.

The Shivering Circle has a rules-light, intuitive system designed for quick pick-up horror games and a brief sample setting allowing you to dive into the haunted territories of British folk horror. 

Sean Patrick Fannon
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