Era: The Empowered (Player’s Guide) – Sean’s Pick, 081318

Ah, the rolling hills and crashing waves of Northern California (especially San Francisco!). Love it here! Meanwhile, I hope you’re loving Super New Week, with today’s Pick – Era: The Empowered – giving you a new way to play superheroes. The premise here is a “real” world where superpowers emerge (but they go way farther than Heroes ever did).

Era: The Empowered is a Tabletop RPG based in a world where superpowers are real. Across the world, individuals are emerging as heroes and villains.

You will play as one of these “Empowered” with remarkable abilities. Whether your ability is to harness the power of flame, read others’ minds or super strength, both sides will be interested in you…

Five years in the making, Era: The Empowered offers an opportunity for balanced characters with all types of abilities, from super strength to resurrection! The innovative Power Tree mechanic, designed and integrated into the Era d10 rule set for this game, provides the opportunity to build whatever powers you want.

The game’s timeline follows through 5 years, during which the first telltale signs of Empowered appear, Atlantis’s forces rise from the ocean to attack the surface, the return of the Old Gods and culminates in the formation of the Empowered Department. 

Through these events, it’s possible to play any type of superhero game you like, just by choosing where in the timeline the characters exist!

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