Fate Plus #2: Supers – Sean’s Pick, 091218

While Michael “Avalon” Surbrook and Jonathan “Flux” Catbagan and I make our way westward to Northern California for a “Gathering of Champions,” here’s another Super New Week Pick, a series of helpful “ideas, adventures, tools, and new rules” for you to use in your superheroic-themed FATE campaign – FATE Plus #2: Supers.

You’re a superhero. Save the world!

This product contains files in PDF, EPUB and MOBI format.

In this issue you will find:

  • How to create your own supers adventures in Fate;
  • How to create interesting supers characters;
  • How to modify Fate rules and new ideas for rules and mechanics;
  • Premade Player characters and NPCs to start playing quickly;
  • New superpowers using the Venture City rules.

Fate Plus is a monthly zine that creates new ideas, adventures, tools, and new rules for Fate Core and FAE (Fate Accelerated). Fate Plus was originally published in Brazilian Portuguese. Now it’s getting its English version. We’re at Patreon, publishing new material on issues with about 7000 words of original content every month. Support our work!

Sean Patrick Fannon
Writer & Game Designer: Shaintar, Star Wars, Savage Rifts, Freedom Squadron, and much more!
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