The Starsea Chronicles: The Mystery of Station C-47 – Sean’s Pick, 090618

Today’s Fantastic New Future Week Pick is part of the nigh avalanche of Starfinder material falling onto the digital shelves. This one launches a campaign featuring the crew of the Void Racer in a hard SF setting. The Mystery of Station C-47 is perfect to give your group a single session of adventure and see what you think of Starfinder, with the built-in elements to lead to a full-blown campaign.

The first official adventure in the StarSea Chronicles!

Follow the crew of the Void Racer as they struggle to survive on the edge of known space.

  • New enemies, and new weapons, including hints of ghosts from the past.
  • Ready to sit down and play with no preparation.
  • Five pre-made characters ready to sally forth to adventure.
  • A one-night game session tailor-made for turning into an entire campaign.
  • Immerse yourself in the Adventure.

Starsea Chronicles is the hot Starfinder Role-playing Game compatible campaign setting from Dire Corgi Games.  

The Starsea Chronicles is a “hard” sci-fi companion setting to the core Starfinder The Roleplaying Game setting.  Completely compatible with the Starfinder Roleplaying Game.  Jump into the Starsea Universe for a game full of endless possibilities.

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