The Steel Road – Sean’s Pick, 082818

50 exotic weapons for your D&D 5e campaign, plus 50 enchanted versions of those weapons. All illustrated. Yeah, this is some serious hot newness to go along with our New and Fantastic Week. Check out the latest Kickstarted specialty product from Sinopa Publishing, The Steel Road.

The Steel Road 

Follow the journey of Hadj Yosef Khan as he travels the known world and beyond, discovering the weapons of far flung countries.  Embrace exotic weapons from Africa, Eastern Europe, India, China, Japan and the Islands of the Pacific.  

This book contains 50 illustrated exotic weapons, and 50 illustrated enchanted versions of those weapons.  Yes, 100 weapon illustrations done in sketchbook style, to give this book the feeling of a log book handed down from our narrator.  Each weapon description comes with stats for use with the 5th edition game mechanics, as well as narrative text that describes the adventures and struggles faced by Yosef.  Each enchanted weapon is a unique creation, suitable for questing for.  The narrative content provides an abundance of source material to draw from. 

This the color edition:  color edition contains b/w sketch art and a color, faux-parchment background.  

The Black and white editions contain b/w sketch art and no background.

Art by: Zachary Viola

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