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Welcome to New and Fantastic Week, a celebration of the latest fantasy RPG releases. This one starts off with its inspiring product, the Unity RPG from Zensara Studios. I had the pleasure of consulting with them early on as they put their Kickstarter together, and I was very kindly rewarded by having my “eternal hero,” Nick Silverwolf, cast as a character in the setting (complete with awesome art piece). This is a new game, top to bottom, with its own core rules and a deep, involved setting that fits within what I like to call “arcanotech fantasy,” where it’s not really steampunk, but you wind up with guns and some other aesthetics from that space in an otherwise decidedly epic fantasy milieu.

The art, frankly, was the first thing that brought me into this one, and it’s something truly special.

Punished, forsaken and left for dead by the very hand that created them, four races must come together and unite against the grim horrors of a world set on fire.

Unity is an epic fantasy tabletop RPG. The unique setting blends high fantasy with a flavourful dose of arcane-infused technology. Unity focuses on telling spectacular stories while emphasizing teamwork with a combat engine that allows players to combine their powers and develop interesting synergies for a deep and fulfilling tactical experience. 

Explore the forgotten remnants of a once Golden Age when mortals rose to challenge gods. Rediscover long forgotten ancient technologies that blur the lines between reality and wonder. Stride atop colossal mechanized machines of war from a bygone era. Embrace the discovery of new and exciting cultures in a scarred landscape full of secrets and hidden beauty.  
In a world that teeters on the brink of apocalypse, become the dim light of hope that shines among a sea of darkness or take advantage of the chaos in the world and make your own mark. Whatever flavour of adventure you choose, you will have to work together to achieve it. 

The Core Rulebook includes everything you need to play:

  • Full roleplaying rules for character creation, adventuring, and combat.
  • Full setting guide that explores the world of Unity and its rich history.
  • 4 Factions complete with cultural write-ups and short stories.
  • 9 Classes and hundreds of power combinations to master.
  • Mysterious and perilous locations to explore.
  • Deadly foes to fight.
  • Powerful treasures to acquire.
  • A Game Master’s Guide.
The Digital PDF comes fully bookmarked and all page references are hyperlinked.

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