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I am very grateful for the positive response to my Celebrating Diversity Week, and we continue by celebrating Eloy Lasanta, a dear friend and another member of the progressive New Agenda Publishing team. The genius behind the enchanting and kid-friendly Mermaid Adventures; the martial arts fantasy epic Ninja Crusade; the genre-bending AMP series; and the deeply twisted Sins of the Father, Eloy’s taken the core of his best system work and released it as the Pip System Corebook

Eloy is one of the strongest voices in gaming, period, and this comes mainly from (a) him being genuinely the nicest person you will ever hope to meet and (b) the hardest-working sunavagun ever to take up the path of tabletop RPG design.

Pip System Corebook

The Pip System is designed from the ground up as a genre-bending rules system for any roleplaying game! Create your own setting, convert and existing one, or pick up one of our amazing worlds, like Mermaid AdventuresInfestation: An RPG of Bugs and Heroes, or A Kid’s Guide to Monster Hunting

  • Perfect for introducting new players and kids to roleplaying
  • Customizable character options with minimal bookkeeping
  • Easy-to-learn mechanics utilizing only six-sided dice! 
  • Includes all the rules needed to play (even a few premade characters to get you started)

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