The Sprawl: Mission Files – Sean’s Pick, 081418

Game is coming up, but you had to deal with a sick kid, an overdue work project, and then that flat tire. You had to cancel last week, so you really don’t want to cancel again, but… wait, let’s crack open that Mission Files book at grab something out of it! It’s OK that I am running Modern AGE and not A.W.E., the concepts will translate just fine. This is a great product for Game Master Toolbox Week, anyone cyberpunk or modern/post-modern era stuff can make this work.

Missions are the lifeblood of The Sprawl. Better lay down the plastic.

The Sprawl: Mission Files is a collection of ten new cyberpunk missions for The Sprawl. Infiltrations, extractions, heists, recovery ops, wetwork, investigations, hunts, pursuits, shakedowns, Mr Smith has them all… and more.

Ready to run. Each mission includes a brief summary of the fictional setup and details on the people and places involved, as well as all the clocks and directives you need.

Hack them into your own shape. Each mission also takes you behind the scenes with design notes on its structure and ideas for hacking the mission to make it uniquely yours.

Between the lines and beyond the missions. The Sprawl: Mission Files is also filled with MC advice and tips for how to handle tricky situations and how to tweak familiar features of the game to enrich your play experience.

The Sprawl: Mission Files is a mission supplement, not a complete game.
A copy of The Sprawl is required to play.*

(*) – I am of the opinion, obviously, that you can use the material in this to help with any game you’re running of an appropriate genre.

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