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As we roll on through Dreams of Diesel Week, DriveThruRPG’s Christmas In July sale has launched, which means lots of stuff is 25% off, including today’s Pick – Age of Steel. This one is an alt-history/alt-world concept, and like most dieselpunk stuff, it starts after “The Great War” and deals with the social, political, and technological aspects of a world that had everything changed by war. Also a hallmark of dieselpunk, the tech took some cool and stylish turns, and there’s also a heavy dose of pure pulp adventure to liven things up.

It is an age of innovation and advancement,
an age of chaos and conspiracy, 
an age in which heroes must be as hard as steel!

Age of Steel is a dieselpunk roleplaying game set in the world of Neres; a world not unlike our own in the first few decades of the 20th century. Neres has just emerged from its first global conflict; the ‘Great War’ in which hundreds of thousands of men and women died in the mud and horror of the trenches.

Technology in Neres has taken a slightly different route to our own world; personal mecha powered by diesel engines are used for numerous applications from war to common labour; huge airships ply the airways; bipedal automata act as servants for the rich and gadgeteer inventors construct homemade ray-guns in their basement laboratories.

In the wake of the Great War, Neres is a hotbed of political scheming and economic growth. Industry and commerce have come to rule the world which, thanks to the airship, aeroplane and radio is rapidly becoming smaller.

Little do the majority of people know but an ancient evil is at the heart of the conflict in their world. Eldritch monstrosities from before the dawn of time seek to unmake reality, aided by cults of insane worshipers.

Into this world come the heroes -the players- who are the only thing standing between the cosmic evil and all that they hold dear.

Age of Steel is a 123-page action-adventure RPG intended to capture the feel of pulp adventures such as Indiana Jones, or the Rocketeer. It is a complete, self-contained roleplaying game; everything you need to run or play the game is contained in this book.

In this book you will find:

  • Create your character as you see fit, with a classless system that lets you pick any stats, skills and knacks you want.
  • A simple core mechanic in which characters can attempt any skill check; your stats determine how many d6 you roll, and your skill level determines the number you must roll on each die to succeed.
  • Rules for spending Moxie points to allow characters to perform normally impossible feats of skill and luck
  • Rules for guns, gadgets, cars, rocketpacks, and a variety of airships and bipedal mechs
  • Rules for crafting weapons, armour, vehicles and anything else your adventurer can cook up
  • A guide to the five Great Nations of Neres and their people, as well as several groups that are involved in the deadly Silent War

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