Warbirds Role Playing Game – Sean’s Pick, 071718

We fly on through Dreams of Diesel Week, celebrating the very cool genre of dieselpunk with Warbirds. As we saw yesterday, fantastic flying machines and daring pilots are a hallmark of this genre. Extra attention is paid to the rules for aerial combat in this one, providing equal parts roleplay and tactical gameplay. Alternate history is another hallmark of the genre, and you get that aplenty here – joining special pilot guilds and competing for fame, fortune, and exciting film contracts!

Welcome to the floating islands of Azure. Here among the dazzling fragments of the Caribbean islands is where your elite fighter pilot will make their mark on the world.

Warbirds is a game about flying and fighting for fame and fortune. Step into the role of a Guild pilot and go head to head in fast-paced aerial combat powered by Outrider Studios’ Rapidfire system. Build your fame in the air to receive opportunities to star in films, sponsor products, feature in comic books, and gain the perks of international celebrity.

For the thrill of flight and the allure of fame… take to the skies.

Sean Patrick Fannon
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