Beasts & Barbarians Steel Edition – Sean’s Pick, 071218

We march on through Fantastic Savagery Week (#savageworlds) with this pulp swords-and-sorcery offering from Polish-powerhouse publisher GRAmel. Beasts & Barbarians is a paean to all the great tales of powerful warriors, strange magic, and a brutal world of savagery, and arguably the best expression of that for Savage Worlds. The Steel Edition is a powerful update that sets the stage for your entry into the entire Beasts & Barbarians world of products.


Beasts & Barbarians Steel Edition Player Guide includes:

  • Summarized descriptions of the lands and the history of the Dominions
  • Accurate descriptions of the various playable cultures, including clothing, religion, technology and so on.
  • More than 40 new Hindrances and Edges to create sword and sorcery heroes.
  • Specific gear (from loincloths to Amazon Hawk Ships)
  • Three custom-made arcane backgrounds and their specific trappings: sorcery, Lotusmastery and enlightenment.
  • Setting rules including After the Adventure events, crafting rules, expanded mass battle rules
  • And much more!

Sean Patrick Fannon
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