Gods and Masters: Imperial Faction Primer – Sean’s Pick, 070918

With the release of this primer for Gods and Masters by my buddy Calvin Thompson, we launch into Fantastic Savagery Week – a celebration of Savage Worlds products specifically designed for fantasy genre gaming. The system is near-and-dear to my heart, and if you know anything about my history with it, you can guess what Friday’s Pick will be.

Calvin is a world-builder, first and foremost, and there’s some very interesting socio-political elements to this setting that make the experience compelling and challenging. This is both an introduction to part of the world of Ritonak and a full-on adventure with Seasoned pre-gens ready to go.

What starts as a routine criminal investigation quickly escalates into a deathtrap. 

Welcome to the world of Ritonak, a land where the gods once walked, humans live side-by-side with the reptillian anir, and immortal rulers keep the land embroiled in eternal war!

In the first installment of the upcoming Gods and Masters setting, players get a preview of the Imperial Faction. These enforcers bring law to the city of Dokaro, and keep it from spiralling into a battleground of nefarious rebels and scheming cultists. 

This primer includes seven pregenerated characters at Seasoned rank, the formidable Task Force Team Basilisk. In their first adventure, they are asked to arrest a black-market arms merchant, and the situation rapidly gets out of hand.

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