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One of my favorite subgenres of fiction and gaming is dieselpunk – shiny-yet-grimy, oil-spattering engines of technical wonder in an age of diesel, early rocketry, advanced weapons of war, and audacious engineering used for fantastic purposes. It’s nowhere near the level of popularity of the progenitor cyberpunk or the belovedly stylish steampunk, but there’s a lot of gold and diamonds to mine there. So let’s kick off Dreams of Diesel Week with one of the most prevalent elements of the form – fantastic flying machines doing battle over the skies of a very different world, full of pulp adventure and sky pirates.

Wild Skies: Europa Tempest presents an anthropomorphic Earth, one recovering from the aftermath of The Great War (a very common theme in dieselpunk) and adapting to the new technologies evolving from the mad war geniuses of that time.

The Great War never ended.

The old borders have been redrawn.

Mercenaries hunt for blood and treasure.

Dive into adventure in this complete role playing game where Europe has clawed its way out of the devastation to a place where massive flying battleships, swarms of fighter planes, and deadly brigands fill the skies. Armed with your wits, natural abilities, and as much pulp technology your outfit can afford, fight for your place among the countless adventurers scouring every corner of Europe for their next coin.

This core rule book for Wild Skies provides players:

  • A complete, new, original rules system allowing all players to focus on the stories and adventures they want to part of, and which rewards accuracy, not just success.
  • A robust character creation process giving players complete control in choosing from 40 Animal Types, dozens of Animal Abilities, 20 Careers and over 80 Skill Specialties.
  • The Moral Compass, which integrates a character’s personal motivations with rewards of their own choosing.
  • Combat rules integrating everything from dogfights to fisticuffs.
  • A comprehensive description of the nations of Europe, the setting and important figures.
  • 16 ready-to-play characters for those who want to just step right into the action!

Do you have what it takes to fly the Wild Skies?

Sean Patrick Fannon
Writer & Game Designer: Shaintar, Star Wars, Savage Rifts, Freedom Squadron, and much more!
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It should come as a surprise to no one that my finale Pick for Fantastic Savagery Week is my own beloved Shaintar. A world evolved from my earliest creative efforts beginning in 1977, Shaintar also represents my first major Savage Worlds work. Now in the capable and loving custodianship of Savage Mojo, the entire Shaintar line is a massive repository of epic high fantasy material. Whether you use the world or just adopt all the game mechanics development for your own fantasy gaming, Shaintar can be a vital part of your Savage library.

This is the full book, complete with all Player and Game Master information for Novice to Veteran play!

Sean Patrick Fannon’s vision of Epic High Fantasy comes to life for Savage Worlds in this all new iteration brought to you by Evil Beagle Games.

“The heart of any lasting and memorable roleplaying campaign is the setting. Is it vivid? Alluring? Full of mysteries, as well as straight-ahead challenges?

If the answer is “Yes” to all of these, you are in good hands.

SHAINTAR is deep in “good hands” territory.

Just paging through the Players Guide makes you want to play, and it’s genuinely hard to create a boring character using this book; everything works together to make your Hero interesting. And that’s even before you get to the four detailed Major Enemies lurking in Shaintar. Or the rules for alchemy, or the tantalizing glimpses we get of the Black Lantern and Grayson’s Grey Rangers . . .

A winner. Get this book.” — Ed Greenwood, creator of The Forgotten Realms®

Savage Worlds fans will find a lot to love about Shaintar: Legends Arise:

  • Eleven distinctive Races with many specialized Racial Edges for each.
  • Over 60 new Edges, including Professional, Combat, and Power Edges.
  • Expanded options for magic, including Applications for Sorcery, Extended Casting, and more.
  • New and expanded rules for Alchemists and Artificers, as well as personalized magic items.
  • Setting rules like All Out Move, the Deep Magic, and Lead from the Front.
  • Information about the many nations and factions that drive the stories of Shaintar.
  • A complete Timeline featuring thousands of years of Shaintar’s history.
  • Denizens section with many dozens of characters and monsters, as well as five new Monstrous Templates and templates for changing almost any Denizen to any of the eleven Races.
  • An expanded Weapons, Armor, and Gear list for epic fantasy gaming, as well as a Resource system to replace “counting coins” for wealth management.
  • Extensive advice about Game Mastering an Epic High Fantasy setting.
  • Three Legendary Tales, “Countering the Terror,” “Red Store Rising,” and “Return to Honor, Return to Glory.”

Anyone seeking Epic High Fantasy adventure will enjoy this book, as will anyone wishing to add lots of great new material to their Savage games!

This book covers Novice through Veteran Rank gaming. Shaintar: Legends Unleashed covers Heroic and Legendary play.

Sean Patrick Fannon
Writer & Game Designer: Shaintar, Star Wars, Savage Rifts, Freedom Squadron, and much more!
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We march on through Fantastic Savagery Week (#savageworlds) with this pulp swords-and-sorcery offering from Polish-powerhouse publisher GRAmel. Beasts & Barbarians is a paean to all the great tales of powerful warriors, strange magic, and a brutal world of savagery, and arguably the best expression of that for Savage Worlds. The Steel Edition is a powerful update that sets the stage for your entry into the entire Beasts & Barbarians world of products.


Beasts & Barbarians Steel Edition Player Guide includes:

  • Summarized descriptions of the lands and the history of the Dominions
  • Accurate descriptions of the various playable cultures, including clothing, religion, technology and so on.
  • More than 40 new Hindrances and Edges to create sword and sorcery heroes.
  • Specific gear (from loincloths to Amazon Hawk Ships)
  • Three custom-made arcane backgrounds and their specific trappings: sorcery, Lotusmastery and enlightenment.
  • Setting rules including After the Adventure events, crafting rules, expanded mass battle rules
  • And much more!

Sean Patrick Fannon
Writer & Game Designer: Shaintar, Star Wars, Savage Rifts, Freedom Squadron, and much more!
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Today’s Fantastic Savagery Week Pick is Gun Metal Games’ treatise on all things celestial and holy, Forces of Light: The Savage Guide to Heaven. This popular product is a companion piece to the highly successful Codex Infernus: The Savage Guide to Hell, and both books give the GM a ton of great material to incorporate into any Savage campaign where angels and celestial matters might come into play. As well, there’s a lot of great added options for players wishing to bring the Light to the world.

Where There is Darkness… There Are Those Ready to Stand Against It!

Forces of Light The Savage Guide to Heaven is the companion book of Codex Infernus, the Savage Guide to Hell.

The mysteries of Heaven and its guardians are revealed in the supplement, allowing you to play angelic beings in the war to save Aegeron, or in your own campaign!

 In this book you’ll find:

  •  New Angelic races developed using rules from the SuperPowers companion
  •  New Hindrances and Edges
  •  Weapons crafted in Heaven’s forge
  •  New Divine Rituals
  •  Details and Stats of Aegeron’s Seven
  •  Heroic Archetypes allowing your character to take on the forces of Darkness.

Sean Patrick Fannon
Writer & Game Designer: Shaintar, Star Wars, Savage Rifts, Freedom Squadron, and much more!
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The quest for adventure that is Fantastic Savagery Week brings us to the Savage Seas of Newhon, the latest entry in the swords-and-sorcery triumph that is Pinnacle’s Lankhmar line. No one loves classic pulp like Shane Hensley, and he’s brought Fritz Leiber‘s strange and exciting world to life with a team of brilliant writers, artists, and others. Of course, Savage Worlds is the perfect system for pulp fantasy adventure, so this is a no-brainer across the board.

In the City of Sevenscore Thousand Smokes, danger lurks down every dark alley. Sinister sorcerers summon terrible forces in their crumbling towers. Treacherous rogues of the Thieves’ Guild prowl the Plaza of Dark Delights. Assassins from the Slayers’ Brotherhood work the Tenderloin District. And hunched figures skitter beneath the streets, waiting for their chance to rise.

Now your party of warriors and scoundrels can expand their adventures beyond Lankhmar to the high seas of Nehwon. They might venture to the Sea of Stars to confront priests of the ancient and terrible Mokrath, or book passage to Rime Isle and fall prey to “The Thing From Below.”

The Savage Seas of Nehwon contains everything a Game Master needs to create incredible tales of high sea-based adventures for Lankhmar or ANY fantasy Savage Setting, including:

  • The Seas of Nehwon: Overviews of the Inner Sea, Outer Sea, Frozen Sea, Sea of Stars, Sea of the East, and Lankhmar’s docks and harbors.
  • Characters: New Edges, Hindrance, powers, and Setting Rules dealing with ships and the sea.
  • Ships: Statistics for the various ocean-going vessels of Nehwon, Setting Rules, naval maneuvers, and rules for savage storms!
  • Adventure Generator: A complete adventure generator for creating your own fantastic Savage Tales!
  • Savage Tales: Sea-based adventures in Fritz Leiber’s incredible style, such as “Jewel of the Deep,” “Queen of the Sunken Realm,” “Bride of the Golden Isle,” and more!
  • Denizens of the Deep: New beasts to drag your heroes from the decks of their ships to the briny depths!

This product requires Lankhmar: City of Thieves and the Savage Worlds core rules to play.

Sean Patrick Fannon
Writer & Game Designer: Shaintar, Star Wars, Savage Rifts, Freedom Squadron, and much more!
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With the release of this primer for Gods and Masters by my buddy Calvin Thompson, we launch into Fantastic Savagery Week – a celebration of Savage Worlds products specifically designed for fantasy genre gaming. The system is near-and-dear to my heart, and if you know anything about my history with it, you can guess what Friday’s Pick will be.

Calvin is a world-builder, first and foremost, and there’s some very interesting socio-political elements to this setting that make the experience compelling and challenging. This is both an introduction to part of the world of Ritonak and a full-on adventure with Seasoned pre-gens ready to go.

What starts as a routine criminal investigation quickly escalates into a deathtrap. 

Welcome to the world of Ritonak, a land where the gods once walked, humans live side-by-side with the reptillian anir, and immortal rulers keep the land embroiled in eternal war!

In the first installment of the upcoming Gods and Masters setting, players get a preview of the Imperial Faction. These enforcers bring law to the city of Dokaro, and keep it from spiralling into a battleground of nefarious rebels and scheming cultists. 

This primer includes seven pregenerated characters at Seasoned rank, the formidable Task Force Team Basilisk. In their first adventure, they are asked to arrest a black-market arms merchant, and the situation rapidly gets out of hand.

Sean Patrick Fannon
Writer & Game Designer: Shaintar, Star Wars, Savage Rifts, Freedom Squadron, and much more!
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We’re closing out Story Games Week with this brilliant concept from My Favorite Game Designer, Len Pimentel. I am very proud to have this on the digital shelves for Evil Beagle Games, and it represents the core philosophical underpinnings of many of Len’s ideas about solid crunch mixed with player-empowerment to engage the world and earn the capacity to express their ideas for the narrative*. TNT (The Narrative Toolbox) is exactly that – as set of tools meant to work for any kind of roleplaying setting and experience, and I suspect this will be the perfect kind of gateway for those coming from more traditional gaming experiences to explore this new style.

(*) – Such as can be seen in our upcoming projects, Six-Gun Fury and Prowlers & Paragons: Ultimate Edition. You can see earlier elements of these ideas in Magnum Fury and the original Prowlers & Paragons.

TNT (The Narrative Toolbox) is a rules-light, narrative-heavy roleplaying game.

The game mechanics are focused on one thing: narrative control. The rules don’t attempt to simulate how things work in the game world. They assume that everyone understands how the game world works and what kinds of things are possible, depending on the genre. What the rules DO help you decide is who gets to take control of the narrative and describe what happens next in the story of the game.

Based around the concept of universal character archetypes and the roles they play in adventure stories of all genres, TNT is effectively a universal roleplaying game that can be used to play any kind of story about any kind of characters in any kind of world.

If you can dream it, you can do it in TNT.

Sean Patrick Fannon
Writer & Game Designer: Shaintar, Star Wars, Savage Rifts, Freedom Squadron, and much more!
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While I’m at MALCon/Westercon this weekend, Story Games Week continues with this clever concept that places the participants in the roles of both characters within a dramatic series and as script writers (with the GM functioning as the “showrunner”). Based heavily on the concepts of Robin Laws’ DramaSystem (featured in Monday’s Pick), Frank Lee expands the concept of characters in a fictional drama series into a longer-view, ongoing and more structured experience. Welcome to Premier Series: The Roleplaying Game of Dramatic Television.

Have you ever wanted to be able to play a roleplaying campaign that plays out like one of your favorite dramas on television? Now you can! With Premier Series you will create your own “show” to serve as the world of your roleplaying game, the players taking on the roles of the main cast and series writers, with the GM working to control things as the showrunner.

This book provides tools to help you create a compelling series pitch to get started, formulate on-going storylines, generate fully rounded dramatic characters, and more. Your episodic gaming sessions will allow PCs to adventure in daring action sequences, and confront each other in tense emotional struggles, all while pursuing greater goals as the series heroes or anti-heroes.

Premier Series is inspired by DramaSystem written by Robin D. Laws, who opened up the concept of fictional dramas serving as a roleplaying universe. For those familiar with that game, this product has some similar concepts, but is designed around more extensive storylines and more series focused plotlines.

Sean Patrick Fannon
Writer & Game Designer: Shaintar, Star Wars, Savage Rifts, Freedom Squadron, and much more!
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Happy Independence Day, America! Today’s choice for Story Games Week comes from a truly independent thinker when it comes to game design, jim pinto of post world games. Employing his innovative Protocol system for GM-less story game play, Praxis: The Black Monk is a powerful gateway to a style of RPGs that’s gaining a lot of traction in the hobby. This is a game for those who wish to delve deep into narrative in which they not only play a role, but have a desire to express story for others to engage with.

In The Black Monk, the characters are people living in a desolate, but vibrant world where time seems to have lost meaning. Living for decades, perhaps longer, in isolation from others, the people of Elysia toil in work, only to be visited once a year by the Black Monk.

In between these visits, their lives are interrupted by sometimes trivial and other times confusing events. Everything seems to fit together like an elongated jigsaw puzzle, but no one can see the starter pieces stretching across the horizon.

But they don’t complain. There is always more work. The village needs workers.

Then one evening, the sun stayed in the sky all day. When there should have been night, the sun remained. And now it feels as though it’s been years since the Black Monk came. But perhaps it was yesterday. Nothing is right…

Is that blood?

Praxis is a series of story roleplaying games that thrusts characters into dramatic situations and is based on the principles of the Protocol game system. Each game uses the same set of rules, with vastly different parameters, start-points, roles, plot twists, and finales. Praxis does not play like a traditional roleplaying game. It does not require a gamemaster. There is no script. No endpoint. No cumbersome or extraneous mechanics detracting from the story. An entire epic can be played in under four hours.

Sean Patrick Fannon
Writer & Game Designer: Shaintar, Star Wars, Savage Rifts, Freedom Squadron, and much more!
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As we continue to explore Story Games Week, I’m pleased to bring your attention to the Series Pitch of the Month Club (Annual Subscription) for Robin D. Laws’ and Pelgrane Press‘ DramaSystem (as first introduced in Hillfolk). I am particularly pleased, of course, because I had a part in this, with my own Series Pitch, No Crowns. The subscription gives you a Pitch each month by an all-star cast of great creatives in the RPG industry, 2000+ words with which to then move forward with what should feel like a well-crafted Netflix or Amazon Original Series dramatic experience.

With all of these Pitches, “you and your group weave an epic, ongoing saga of high-stakes interpersonal conflict that grows richer with every session. Its DramaSystem rules engine, from acclaimed designer Robin D. Laws, takes the basic structure of interpersonal conflict underlying fiction, movies and television and brings it to the world of roleplaying. This simple framework brings your creativity to the fore and keep a surprising, emotionally compelling narrative constantly on the move.”

Series Pitch of the Month Club subscription

Thanks to the overwhelming generosity of our Hillfolk Kickstarter backers, we are able to bring you the DramaSystem Series Pitch of the Month Club – 2000+ words of setting material written by a stellar cast. Each month for a whole year you will get a new pitch – new subscribers will get all pitches to date.

Here are all the Series Pitches due:

1. No Crowns
Sean Patrick Fannon (Shaintar, Star Wars: Edge of Darkness) unleashes the struggles of democracy and free market capitalism in a high fantasy world.

2. Narcocorrido

Jesse Scoble (Wizard101, Game of Thrones d20) sings a narcocorrido for you on The Devil’s Highway: narco traficantes and border patrol circle each other in the canyons and deserts between North and South.

3. Honor Among Thieves

John Wick (Legend of the Five Rings, Seventh Sea, Houses of the Blooded) steps into a world of sorcerers, crowded cities, corrupt nobles, eldritch assassins and big payoffs in Honor Among Thieves. In a world where everything is illegal, everything is a crime, and it only pays to be a thief.

4. Hold the Chain

By Matthew McFarland. You are the entertainment in the gladiatorial arena of a steam-powered flying city on the brink of revolution.

5. Encore

Rob Wieland (Shadowrun, Star Wars Saga Edition) shows you his jazz hands, following the dreamers, has-beens and never-will-be’s who make up the cast of a touring jukebox musical.

6. Iron Tsar

ASH LAW (The Reliquary) cranks up Iron Tsar: engineers battle zombies in the Imperial court of a magical 1920s Russia.

7. Sheep’s Clothing

Jérôme Larré (Qin, Tenga) takes you inside the Sheep’s Clothing of a tranquil bedroom community for cops—as a massive Internal Affairs bust threatens dozens of its key citizens.

8. Art and Murder

Written by the creator of the DramaSystem, Robin D. Laws. In a post-scarcity economy, there remain only two routes to status: Art and Murder. As guardians of the Great Museum, you struggle to protect the world’s cultural patrimony from outside marauders—and your own ambitions.

9. Niflgap

Raven Daegmorgan (Orx) invites you to sail the black tides of the cosmos in Niflgap. As the universe dies, you, the fractious Norse gods, set forth in starships from lonesome Midgaard, hoping to find salvation in the void where armies of the hungry dead writhe endless beneath black suns.

10. Promised Land

By Caias Ward (Strike Force 7, Noumenon) In a far-future religion based on enlightenment through genetic engineering and organic technology, a squad of young cadets struggles with their commanders, their fellow cadets, the outside universe and crises of faith.

11. Terminal X

Hal Mangold (Atomic Overmind, Green Ronin) loses your luggage in Terminal X: A fractious circle of modern sorcerers wage a subtle turf war within one of the world’s busiest airports, while fending off  occult forces threatening to erode the very source of their power.

12. Campus Desk

John Kovalic (Dork Tower, Munchkin) returns to ink-spattered halcyon days with Campus Desk:  students behind the Daily Forward, newspaper of Wisconsin State University, figure out life, love, and burying the lede.

Sean Patrick Fannon
Writer & Game Designer: Shaintar, Star Wars, Savage Rifts, Freedom Squadron, and much more!
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