Viper – Sean’s Pick, 062818

For most fans of his work, Scott Bennie Week cannot be celebrated without a major nod to his work on Championsespecially the 4th Edition era. One of his most standout books is Viper, a complete presentation of the most impactful super-criminal organization in the entire setting. Not only does he do a brilliant job detailing and designing the various elements, he gives us all a book that serves as a blueprint for how to run a massive organization with world-domination in mind and incredible tech with which to achieve it.

Viper is the complete sourcebook for the most powerful villainous organization in the Champions Universe. Only the Viper source-book give you background on everything necessary to the exhaustive history of Viper. Also including new agent types, new weapons, new vehicles. And even New supervillains! Featuring a revision of the classic Viper’s Nest campaign.

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