Sewer Rats – Sean’s Pick, 061118

Today’s Pick, a fun “Setting Kit” for Savage Worlds from Tricky Troll Games and Nathan Carmen called Sewer Rats, inspires this week’s theme – Heroes of the Hidden. In this case, mutant animals living beneath the city streets, plotting revenge against an evil megacorp while the world above remains oblivious. According to Nathan, it’s “inspired by the original, grittier Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic, and the 90s TV show Gargoyles.” Figure that’s going to scratch a few creative itches out there, and the reviews are very favorable.

In an alternate modern-day earth, a villainous corporation known as Evolved Technologies Inc. has begun abducting humans and turning them into freakish mutants. Now, these mutants are escaping and living in large numbers beneath our feet, plotting revenge against ETI while trying to survive the urban jungle. 

This Setting Kit provides a toolkit full of Savage goodness for the Gamemaster to use as they wish. This format is designed to highlight just how much a group can do with the Savage Worlds Core Rules and a little tweaking. 

Included are:

3 New Races which can be adjusted to create a variety of animal, demon, and human-like mutants.

5 New Edges

2 New Hindrances

A New Setting Rule

An Adventure Generator

26 Mutants, Villains, And more!

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