Uncharted Worlds – Sean’s Pick, 060618

As Sci-Fi Adventure Week warps along, we check out the Powered by the Apocalypse entry in the field garnering serious attention, Uncharted Worlds. This one mixes one part Serenity/Firefly, one part Star Trek, and one part Star Wars with three parts narrative-driven science-fiction. For the AWE fans out there, I suspect this is the no-brainer.

Uncharted Worlds is a space opera of discovery and adventure, which explores a universe full of deadly beauty, hostile frontiers, rapacious organisations, and crippling debt. It’s a story-building game where dramatic encounters drive the narrative ever onward, building a solid, memorable universe that’s unique to each group. If you want to pilot your ship across the reaches of space, be the first human to make landfall on alien shores, bring back hard-won exotic cargo, deal with galactic corporations, go toe-to-toe corrupt empires and rebel scum, face down ruthless pirates (or perhaps engage in a bit of interstellar piracy yourself)… then strap yourself in, disengage your mooring clamps and prepare for one hell of a Wild Jump.

Also available – Uncharted Worlds: Far Beyond Humanitythe expansion to Uncharted Worlds.

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