Guardians – Sean’s Pick, 052218

Continuing Not My Dungeon, Not My Dragons Week, wherein we look at ways the various iterations of the D&D engine has been used for very non-traditional settings and game experiences, here’s Guardians. Recommended by friend and supporter Jeffrey Webb, Guardians is a highly-touted superhero genre game by David L. Pulver and Thomas Denmark that presupposes what the original rules would look like had the creators been inspired by four-color comic books instead of medieval fantasy. There are a lot of great reviews of the product, which many look at as a callback to Gamma World and other early, fun attempts at expanding the concept of gaming into other genres while keeping with the core game mechanics.

What if the original roleplaying game was inspired by colorful superheroes rather than Tolkienesque fantasy?

GUARDIANS is a super hero retro-clone compatible with the original fantasy roleplaying game and subsequent editions, and other “OSR” games that follow in the mould of the original game like Colonial Troopers, Warriors of the Red Planet, and others. If your tastes run towards super-powered four-color heroes and villains you’ve found the right book. In a tradition inspired by the psionic abilities of Eldritch Wizardry and the mutants of Metamorphosis Alpha or Gamma World, even a first level Guardians character begins with mighty powers!

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