High Tech Enemies – Sean’s Pick, 043018

With the triumphant release of “Avengers: Infinity War,” and the dominant presence of Thanos on the big screen, I’m going with Big Bad Supervillain Week as the theme. Decided to show my original go-to supers game some love at the start while also giving a nod to the very first full book I ever wrote in the RPG industry*. High-Tech Enemies is a “thematic” Enemies book – the first one Hero Games published. Technology and science-based villains abound, and there’s a couple of master villains in there that walk in the Thanos mold, one way or another – make the world better at any cost!

(*) – To be clear, no added royalties are in this for me (just the usual affiliate income).

High tech Enemies is the definitive source-book for high-tech villainy. This book is full of everything that every good Champions campaign needs; powered armor, robots, gadgets, androids, huge machines, cyborgs- the list goes on and on. Now your heroes can battle mutants that can mentally control electronics, match wits with mega-villains and their arsenal of devices and armies of agents and encounter cyborgs from another world. What more could you want?

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