Torg Eternity – Sean’s Pick, 042418

I’ve just started a new campaign as a play in this, run by Scott Crosson and featuring fellow player (and contributing creator) Ross Watson. Scott’s started us with the Day One events in the Nile Empire, which is one of the great examples of pulp adventure in all of gaming. Frankly, all of Torg Eternity offers some flavor of pulp for those who want to carry it through the cosms, making it a great Pick for Pulptastic Week.

The invasion of Earth told in previous tales of TORG took place on one version of our world. The High Lords there were successful for many years, but were eventually stopped by the planet’s valiant Storm Knights.

But there are infinite versions of our world.

This is the tale of a different Earth, one where things did not go as well…

The Torg Eternity Core Rules include all the rules and setting information you need to create characters and play the game, including

  • Background on the Possibility Wars
  • World Laws and adversaries for Core Earth and the 7 invading Cosms
  • Creation and advancement rules with dozens of perks for all kinds of characters
  • Magic, Miracles, and Psionics rules
  • Gear for all tech levels

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