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My friend, Christina Stiles, is the mentor and advisor to a group of students who she worked with on a very special project. Let me let her tell you more about it –

“This product is family-friendly and is for a charity: my university’s English Dept, where I teach, for scholarships and academic travel. Students in my Spring 2016 WRIT311 wrote the mini-campaign as a class assignment. I talk about the process in the Foreword. Two students also did some artwork.”

With this worthy entry, we begin Go to Town Week here at the SPOD!

Ravensberg is a horror-themed town setting suitable for 5th-level Pathfinder characters and above. It is generic enough to be placed in any ongoing campaign. The small town lies nestled near a forest of unmistakable evil, wherein lies an ancient structure known as the Black Keep. The fortress is now filled with necromancers and undead, and its darkness taints the surrounding area. Other horrors plague the townsfolk, as well: lycanthropes, a dullahan, a vampire, and a coven of witches.

The villains abound.

But where are the heroes? That’s where your players come in.

*Note: Ravensberg was named for a real place, not Ravenloft. It is a town, not a demiplane of dread. 

Explore this horrific town created by students in a Winthrop University writing class taught by Christina Stiles. By supporting this product, you are aiding the students and faculty of the English Department of Winthrop University, as all collected monies from this Pathfinder version will be donated to the department funds for scholarships and academic travel. The fund’s name is the J. Spratt and Sandra Hagler White Endowment of Winthrop University’s English Department. 

Thank you for your support!

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