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As I have not one but two Game Masters about to start up some Torg Eternity campaign action around these parts, I am naturally very keen about the Infiniverse Exchange that Ulisses North America set up for folks to indulge their creativity in this realm of infinite possibilities. Another selection for Community Content Week, this one opens the door for all of those great ideas you might think up playing the current version, or all the ideas you had the first time you played Torg all those years ago.

Welcome to the Infiniverse Exchange!

The Infiniverse Exchange is a program that allows you to create content (Adventures, Places, Threats, and more!) for Torg Eternity using the intellectual property of Ulisses North America. Create your own Torg Eternity titles according to the content guidelines of the program, upload your titles to the Ulisses e-book marketplace or to DriveThruRPG and share them with other Torg Fans. You can earn money and delight the community.

How do I start?

To participate, you just have to read the Content Guidelines and create your own content. Ulisses has made a Layout-Building-Kit and a Illustrations-Pack available, which allow you to ensure that your titles look great.

Once you have created your title, visit the Account page and look in the My Content section. There you will find the link “Enter New Community Created Title”. If you upload a new title, you must agree to a community content author agreement with OneBookShelf. OneBookShelf is the US company that manages DriveThruRPG. It also manages the Infiniverse Exchange program (licensed under Ulisses North America).

After you have published your work, all Infiniverse Exchange content is available at DriveThruRPG and RPGNow. You can view reviews and fan discussions of your works, and from the Account page you can check the sales history of your titles and withdraw your royalties through PayPal. To boost sales, we advise you to create an eye-catching title for your work and some publicity on social networks and other reputable media where you can find Torg fans. 

To see what Torg Eternity Fans have created as part of the Infiniverse Exchange Program, look at the titles (at the bottom of the linked page).

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