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If you have a Tarot deck of any kind, you can play Reign of Terror, based on the Tarochi card game that uses such decks, and the latest entry in the It’s In the Cards Week theme. In this setting, you face the utter terror and devastation of the French Revolution while investigating what sinister forces might be pulling the strings behind it all.

The Terror, during the French Revolution, was one of the most horrific moments in history. At its height, thousands were imprisoned or executed.  But what if the Terror wasn’t just happenstance? What if there were dark forces at play behind those, and other, historical events? 

In Reign of Terror play the part of a Revolutionary seeking to find the truth behind the Revolution and Robespierre’s Reign of Terror. This book contains everything you need to start playing, including: 

  • an original system based on Tarochi, a Tarot-based card game
  • the detailed history of the French Revolution
  • a chapter devoted to the daily life of people in Revolutionary France
  • a simple character creation system that gets you playing within minutes
  • a Cast of Characters: over 60 historical figures described for the game

Be a Revolutionary! Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity! Or, Death! 

Sean Patrick Fannon
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