The Mines of Chult (5e) – Sean’s Pick, 032318

Closing out Tales of the Five Editions Week with, naturally, a 5th Edition product. One of the coolest things about the latest iteration of D&D is the Dungeon Masters Guild, a place where creators of all types can bring their best and most interesting ideas to life for other fans of the system. The Mines of Chult is actually the inspiration for these week’s theme, one of the latest such presentations that features the top-three selling creators on that site.

Presenting The Mines of Chult! This Savage Encounters adventure supplement features nine mini adventures from three best-selling DMs Guild authors. Featuring adventures for character levels 1 through 16, your PCs will challenge several new monsters, discover fascinating new magic items, and interact with some wickedly fun NPCs.  Though designed with Tomb of Annihilation in mind, each of these adventures can be easily adapted to any campaign setting. With over sixty pages of thrilling 5th Edition D&D adventures ready to go, what are you waiting for? Dig in to The Mines of Chult!

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