Chelsea’s Italy Adventure – Happiness, Peace & Dreams

I haven’t done one of these in a while (I need to get back to this), but this one is very special to me. My dear friend, Chelsea Winslow, is an exceptionally talented performer in many ways. We call her Songbird for a reason, however, because she has one of the most amazing voices we’ve ever experienced the joy of hearing. Her range is incredible, and her gift for delivering a song in the way it should be is something to behold.

Before her is an opportunity any one of us would wish to seize for all it’s worth – she’s been accepted to an incredible school called the International Lyric Academy, where she will participate in their Musical Theater program over the summer… in Italy!

Of course, there’s always a cost involved, and Chelsea is much like the rest of my crew – gifted in so many ways, except where it comes to money. Not being of the 1%, she’s wisely asking for help to get her there and do things like eat and have a place to sleep.

If you’ve ever had a dream like this, or you consider yourself a patron of the arts, please consider helping my dear friend and one of the most talented people I know. Thank you!

I have been accepted into the International Lyric Academy for their Musical Theatre program in Italy this July! I am one of 30 in the country who were accepted into the program and I am absolutely thrilled! It is a two week intensive program, where I will be taking voice, acting and dance training from professional Broadway artists. We will be performing at the end of the program in various capacities in a lovely outdoor venue in Italy.

I am raising money to cover the cost of the program and my flight to Italy. I plan to put on a concert here in Colorado, in addition to this campaign to raise funds as well.

I have been singing since I was a little girl and have been in many different musicals, operas, variety shows and cabarets throughout my life. I studied voice in college and I have always wanted to go abroad and perform.

This is a wonderful opportunity I have been given and is not something I can afford on my own. I would be so grateful for anything you are able to contribute to help make this dream come true! Thank you so much for your support to help make this happen!

Sean Patrick Fannon
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