Heavy Metal Thunder Mouse – Sean’s Pick, 031318

Gonna be a short week, since I didn’t get in until late yesterday and was exhausted (AndoCon, Kickstarter launch). While at AndoCon, I met the great folks of Shoreless Skies Publishing, the creators and publishers of Heavy Metal Thunder MouseThey are great folks, fun to hang out with, and as passionate about this thing we do as I am. And this product suggests one of my strangest themes for SPOD ever – Mighty Mice Week! So check out this FATE-driven Sons of Anarchy-meets-cartoon mice bit of wonderful.

Heavy Metal Thunder Mouse is the tabletop roleplaying game of mice and their motorcycle clubs!
You and your friends make your mice, found your club, and hit the streets. These are mice with the gusto to build their own motorcycles and set off into an intimidating world where they are outsized, but never outclassed.

HMTM uses the rules of Fate to tell stories about the drama of city mice and their motorcycle clubs. It’s an RPG that works best with 2-5 players (plus the GM). It’s fit for episodic play (sessions last about 3-4 hours) and epic campaigns!

Your stories are set in Thunder City, USA. For small creatures existing in a place which doesn’t belong to them, these stories will be filled with the drama of their lives, and the trouble, both inside and outside, of a biker gang. Will your gang be Robin Hood-like doers of good, springing cheese from unwatched refrigerators and delivering it to needy widows, or will you be thugs and thieves exploiting the weak? Your mouse, your bike, and your gang all belong to you and the stories you tell at your table.

Throw on your cut, have a nibble of cheese, and fire up the engines.
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